Restaurant Review: Ceviche

Last night, I met Tina for dinner at Ceviche.

Ceviche exterior

The restaurant was located in Downtown Roswell, which is sort of in between my office and Tina’s house. I’d never really been to the Downtown area before (it’s like one street, basically) but it was really cute, with lots of restaurants and shops and stuff. Kind of what Downtown Tucker should be like, but probably never will.  Anyway.

Aside from the location, we decided to come here after spotting it on Scoutmob.  Here’s the thing with Scoutmob – it’s really great but it’s kind of a known thing that most of the restaurants who are on there are kind of looking for more patrons.  Sure, there will be an occasional popular place (and they do these hand-picked deals which is something totally different) but for the most part, it’s generally restaurants that aren’t that great.  At least, that’s what my most recent experiences have lead me to believe.

Ceviche was really small inside.  We were able to get a table right away but we were very, very close to the table next to us.  Also, I don’t know if you can tell from the picture above, but there were no blinds on the windows and the sun was streaming in – into my eyes.  I had to have Tina position her head in such a way that I could actually see.

Ceviche chips

There is no filter on that picture.  It’s the sun!  The chips and salsa were good.  Tina said she thought a good salsa was an indicator of a good meal.  Little did she know her theory wasn’t always correct!  Since the place was called Ceviche and offered several different types, I went with the ceviche sampler platter.  The menu was sort of hard to understand.  They had two sampler platters, one that said it was three bites and the other that said it was for sharing.  Our server said the bigger one was what I should get if I wanted it for my meal.  I chose scallop, tilapia and mahi.


I don’t think I’ve ever judged a restaurant on it’s food presentation before, but seriously?  A plate with some saltines?  At least put it in a pretty glass or something!  I know that ceviche is “cooked” in lime juice, but this tasted very, very heavily of lime.  It masked the flavor of the fish, which I didn’t like.  Lighter on the lime, guys.

Ceviche lettuce wraps

Tina got the fish tacos in a lettuce wrap.  They offer all of their tacos in lettuce wraps, which I thought was pretty cool.  She said this was good, but all she could really taste was the chipotle sauce.

Ceviche, I wanted to like you, but I was just kind of underwhelmed.  Sorry.  It was a nice evening with Tina, though.

Ceviche Taqueria on Urbanspoon

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14 Responses to Restaurant Review: Ceviche

  1. It’s funny, I’ve subscribed to Scoutmob for over a year but I don’t think I’ve actually ever gone to one of their deal places. I mostly just like the articles.
    A bad meal is always disappointing. I agree that the presentation was lacking on your dish. At least the salsa was good, that’s very hard to come by in DC.

    • They do have good articles and I like the way they write. Sometimes they have good deals, but I’ve found that a lot of the restaurants are sub-par.

  2. No wonder all Tina tasted was the chipotle sauce – it’s smothered in it. I’m still laughing at the saltines on a plate – that’s hilarious. Crossing this off my list of local places to try out.

  3. I’d been wanting to try them. That’s right by my mom’s house! Think ill skip it now though.

    Did you hear that ONC across the street is going to be re-opened as a more Mediterranean style tapas place. Same owners though.

  4. Aw, that’s kind of a bummer! It sounded like a cool place, but I guess sometimes places don’t always live up to your hopes!

  5. A bad meal is such a let down. A lot of times I find with the Groupon and Living Social deals that the restaurant can’t handle the increased amount of people and the service and food just kind of suffer for it!

  6. I’ve always found group deals so hit and miss that I rarely buy something for a new place. I do love the idea of lettuce wraps at a taco joint, and I might add that to the menu this week!

  7. The saltines part cracks me up, seriously??

  8. Disregard my previous email. See you have the pics here! Haha. And, dang my theory. It has never failed me.

    Can’t wait to do it again. Maybe not at a ScoutMob place next time? Haha!

    • Did you get my email with the pic too? I feel bad for giving the place a not-so-good review, but I just wasn’t impressed.

      Great to see you though!

  9. That’s a bummer on the meal. I’m glad you had a good night out though!

  10. Looks like a great place! I always get quesadillas or fajitas at mexican restaurants.

  11. Oh wow, seriously?! They could have done a LOT better! Starting with actually chopping up the pieces a bit more…hello? uniformity? it not only makes spooning and eating easier, but it DOES look better too! Can’t believe they just threw one some saltines too! And no wonder all Tina could taste was the sauce…all I can SEE is sauce! Bummer.

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