My Favorite Lunchtime Spot: Loving Hut

I can’t believe I’ve never really written about my favorite lunchtime spot – Loving Hut. I mean, I guess I briefly referenced it a couple weeks ago but it deserves more. So here we go. Lucky for some of you that this is a chain, so there might be one near you.

I work in a suburb of Atlanta that I wasn’t that familiar with before I started. One day, a co-worker and I were just sort of driving around and I noticed this random little strip mall with a little restaurant in it that said something on the sign about healthy food. I went back and googled it and lo and behold, it was a vegan restaurant.

Since then, I’ve gone a bunch of different times, mostly with my boss (soon to be ex-boss, sniff) because she and I eat pretty similarly. It’s a really casual place. There is sit down service, but they just hand you menus when you walk in and you can pick whatever table you want to sit at. They have free wifi so you see a lot of people dining alone. The service can be slow at times, but the food comes out quickly so it makes up for it.

Today, I convinced Jason to meet me there for a little lunch date. He’d never been before and unfortunately, we didn’t really order the right things, I don’t think. We started out with the golden tofu which was straight up fried tofu. Though not the healthiest thing, it tasted good.

Loving hut golden tofu

For Jason’s entree, he went with the vegan burger. I thought it was good, but he thought it tasted like a Boca burger.

Loving hut vegan burger

I tried to order the large chili soup and our server told me that it wasn’t that great and tried to steer me in another direction. For whatever reason, I really wanted to try it though so she advised that I get the small portion instead so I wouldn’t be stuck with a big bowl of chili that I didn’t like. So I did. And she was right. While it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great either. She was concerned that I would except it to be more like a soup and it wasn’t, but really it was just on the bland side. It’s a new menu item, so maybe they’re still perfecting it. And yes, I’ve been enough times to recognize new menu items.

Loving hut chili soup

That said, I’ve had some really good things here. Some of my favorites:

• rainbow salad
• heavenly salad
• au lac sandwich
• pho
• kale and quinoa salad (I’ve actually never had this but my boss raves about it)

They also have a selection of vegan cakes and can do fresh squeezed juice.

Loving hut energy juice

Yay for Loving Hut!

Loving Hut on Urbanspoon

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