Weekend Recap

Even though I’m on maternity leave and doing things like watching Teen Mom: Being Catelynn during the day, I still really look forward to the weekends because I get more sleep.  It makes a huge, huge difference in my mood.  I’ve never been particularly good at functioning with not a lot of sleep so it’s no surprise that I’m sort of a grumpy, weepy mess during the week.  I feel a lot better on the weekends.  I get to skip one or more of the middle of the night feedings which is huge.  We also get out of the house.

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to taking a little baby out.  Some people think that you should keep them away from the general public for a couple of months and others think that you can take them out right away.  We fall into the second camp.  We’d go stir crazy in the house and plus, our pediatrician said it was fine to take Alexander out.

The weather has been sort of schizophrenic lately and like a week and a half after we had that big ice/snow, it was almost 70 degrees.  We took advantage and met our friends Jamie and Dave at Raging Burrito.

IMG 0140

Despite the double entendre on the wall there, it’s actually a really family-friendly place.  Plus also, it was National Margarita Day.

IMG 0141

The thing about going out with a baby is that there is only a small chunk of time that you can be out – that is if you forget something like his food or diapers or wipes or something that I’ve inevitably forgotten recently.  This time it was food, so after one drink and some food, we headed back home.

I’m not even sure what we did that night.  Sat on the couch?

IMG 0142

(I’m posting this picture strictly because I have regular clothes and makeup on.  It’s a rare event.)

Sunday was still unseasonably warm, so we went for a walk around the neighborhood.


Earlier in the day, I had baked a banana bread (without chocolate chips because you know what happened to them) to bring over to our neighbors house.  We put it in the bottom of the stroller and stopped by their house but they weren’t home.  So we kept walking and eventually ran into them.  Their son is like two weeks younger than Alexander, so that’s pretty awesome.  Also awesome – we forgot to give them the banana bread so I now have a loaf of banana bread for myself.

Banana bread

And now I’m sleep deprived again and onto Teen Mom: Becoming Amber.

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