Alexander: 4 Months

Alexander actually turned 4 months a week and a half ago, but I’ve been so preoccupied with this genetic testing bullshit (read my last couple posts) that I never wrote about it.

Alex 4 months

I used to take a monthly picture of him next to a stuffed dog so you could see how much he grew in comparison to the dog.  Well, another dog, who might be slightly jealous of his little brother’s stuffed toys, decided that the stuffed comparison dog would be fun to chew up.  So yeah that.  And Alexander only grew 3/4 of a pound this past month anyway.

At his 4-month appointment, he was 11 lbs, 8 oz which is only just barely even on the growth charts at all.  It’s a problem.  We actually think that his lack of growth has something to do with starting daycare.  He was a slow eater and sometimes took up to an hour to finish a 4 oz bottle.  While I made him try to eat it for a full hour, daycare did not.  They’d say he didn’t want it and I got several reports of feedings where he only ate like 2 ounces.  I talked to them about it several times but didn’t really know what to do about it until a friend suggested that I try a faster flow nipple.  That made a HUGE difference.  What used to take him an hour to eat now takes 15 minutes.  He finishes every daycare bottle.  I really hope that is what was stalling his weight gain and that his 5 month weight check will show more growth.

We took him in for the blood test for the microarray on Friday and he was 11 lbs, 12 oz, so he’s gained a little bit.  And I’m losing my mind waiting for the results.  It’s supposed to take 3ish weeks.  It’s been 1 day.

I wonder if he might be teething because he is constantly sticking his hands in his mouth and there’s an abundance of drool.

Alex drool

This month he’s definitely been more responsive.  He started laughing (mainly at Jason.  Apparently mom is not so funny.)  He’s very smiley and just recently he started rolling over.  He also got his first fever, presumably from his 4-month shots.  He got a 102 fever and was super cranky, but fortunately, it only lasted the day of the shots and by the next morning, his temperature was back to normal.

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8 Responses to Alexander: 4 Months

  1. I’m sorry you guys have to deal with the stressful genetic testing. I really hope it all works out the way you want it to. I’m thinking about all of you!

  2. lee- he looks wonderful! and everything you described seems pretty normal to me (laughing, rolling, drooling). When you mentioned his weight i went back and looked at my girls’ growth charts (neither of them were on the growth charts as babies – nowhere near it – and my oldest just got on it at 2.5 years old. the little one remains tiny). Also, both of them were smaller than Alexander at 4 months – they didn’t hit 11 lbs til 6 months. Just to give you some idea that small babies aren’t abnormal – it’s just when you compare them to all the other babies, it makes you feel like something is wrong with yours! anyway, i’m sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. i know it is another challenge for you, but you are really doing an amazing job as a mom ~ *hugs*

    • I post on a baby message board and it seems like the majority of the IUGR babies are around his size or smaller. It’s just that his doctor seems to think he looks “funny” (my word, not his). He seems to be doing everything he’s supposed to do, so I hope he is okay.

      I don’t really notice his small size until he’s around other babies. We put him next to his friend yesterday who is 2 weeks younger than him and the difference was sort of shocking.

      • Have you considered a second opinion or finding a different pediatrician? Obviously see how this testing pans out though. And I might try the faster flow nipples too!

  3. Glad you figured out a way to get him to eat more! Super adorable that he starting laughing. :)

  4. Glad the fast flow nipples worked and that he is finishing his bottles at school now. It’s always a relief to hear that ate well, napped well when you are at work. Regarding the fever from shots, I always give both my babies tylenol or advil right before the appointment or after so they don’t get a fever. This will also help with any pain from the injections. I hope the results from the testing come back clear. I can’t imagine how hard the wait will be for you. Hang in there!

  5. three weeks to wait?! that is such a long time. I’ve been thinking about you this weekend and hoping for the best! glad you sorted out the eating situation at daycare!! he’s such a cutie. XO

  6. Lee, he is just precious!! And honestly, everything sounds right on track or even early for a baby his age. Thinking if you and hoping the days pass quickly!

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