The Kid is Alright


The doctor called today.  Alexander’s microarray results came back and they were normal!  There’s a major weight lifted.  It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing wrong because there’s a bunch of genetic syndromes that can’t be diagnosed via microarray but it’s really good that all of his chromosomes are there!

We think he is totally fine.

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21 Responses to The Kid is Alright

  1. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! SO happy

  2. Yay!!!!! Great news, Lee! He’s better than fine! :)

  3. Wonderful news!!!

  4. That is incredible new Lee! I’m so happy to hear this!

  5. SOOOO happy for you – glad you feel “lighter” – keep us updated :)

  6. yay! what great news!!

  7. I’m so glad you have good news! We went through the same thing with our Connor (now 16 months). From his 4 month to 6 month check up, he didn’t gain any weight, and he fell off the chart for weight. Cue the frenzy of tests. He was skinny. Turns out he just wasn’t getting enough from the breastmilk. You mentioned the nipple flow issue and feeding times. Now that you have that adjusted, I’m sure he will gain. He just keeps getting cuter!

  8. SO THRILLED for you!!!!!! this gave me goosebumps :) XO

  9. Yayyyy!!! So happy to hear this.

  10. So happy for you guys! He looks perfect to me 2 :-)

  11. great news! always good to check on things and even better to hear good reports back!!

  12. Woo-hooo!! Best news I’ve heard all day :)

  13. YAY!!!! That’s so great, I know you must be so relieved!!!!

  14. SO glad to hear this! I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot lately. Really glad to hear you got some happy news.

  15. I am SO happy to hear this great news, Lee!! xoxo

  16. Great news!

  17. I know that must be a huge weight off your shoulders– so happy for you!!!

  18. What a relief! Yay!

  19. I know I’m late to the party but hooray!!!! Maybe you should get a second doc? Because I agree with the test results- seems completely healthy happy adorable baby to me!

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