This About Me page is super old.  Most of it is still true except I’m not 34 anymore, I have a child and I eat chicken now.

I still work in the marketing department of a promotional products company and really like hummus.

My name is Lee. This is me:

But my hair normally looks more like this:

That guy with me, that’s my husband Jason. We have a golden retriever named Murphy.

I could tell you my whole story. How I had no knowledge of nutrition at all for a while. How I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t lose weight when I was eating all fat-free foods. Two sodas and two plain bagels for lunch in high school and I couldn’t figure out why I weighed more than my friends. How I figured it out when I was in my 20s. How I lost a bunch of weight and became obsessed with it all. How I got over that and made peace with food (mostly). But I won’t. It’s too long and besides, I just told you anyway.

Instead, here’s what I would want to know about me:

• I’m 34. I look young. I know. I’m grateful for this.

• I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m originally from the DC area but moved to Atlanta almost ten years ago.

• I really like hummus. I liked it before it was cool. Swear.

• Jason and I got married on June 26th, 2010. Look closely, there’s a dog on our wedding cake.

• I’ve run a bunch of races, including a marathon and nine half-marathons. My first race ever was a half that I did with my father. I beat him by one second.

• I went to college at the University of Vermont and have a degree in Studio Art with a minor in English. I currently work in the marketing department of a promotional products company.

• I’m a pescatarian. This means that I eat fish and seafood but no other meat. I stopped eating beef and pork when I was 15 or 16. When I was around 24, I became pescatarian and stayed that was for around 7 years. For a year or so, I reintroduced chicken into my diet and then became completely vegetarian for about six months before returning to pescatarianism. As one of my co-workers likes to say, I like to eat pescs. However, 90% of what I cook at home is vegetarian.

• Unlike me, Jason does not have some weird food label for himself and eats everything. He likes hummus a lot too. He blames me.

• I use a Canon Xsi dSLR camera and a Canon Powershot A590 for my photos. I also use a Opteka bounce flash. Balk at the flash if you will, I like it. I’m a non-conformist and I have really bad natural lighting in my house. I edit my photos in Adobe Photoshop CS5 or iPhoto if I’m being lazy.

And that’s me in a nutshell.

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