This About Me page is super old.  Most of it is still true except I’m not 34 anymore, I have a child and I eat chicken now.

I still work in the marketing department of a promotional products company and really like hummus.

My name is Lee. This is me:

But my hair normally looks more like this:

That guy with me, that’s my husband Jason. We have a golden retriever named Murphy.

I could tell you my whole story. How I had no knowledge of nutrition at all for a while. How I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t lose weight when I was eating all fat-free foods. Two sodas and two plain bagels for lunch in high school and I couldn’t figure out why I weighed more than my friends. How I figured it out when I was in my 20s. How I lost a bunch of weight and became obsessed with it all. How I got over that and made peace with food (mostly). But I won’t. It’s too long and besides, I just told you anyway.

Instead, here’s what I would want to know about me:

• I’m 34. I look young. I know. I’m grateful for this.

• I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m originally from the DC area but moved to Atlanta almost ten years ago.

• I really like hummus. I liked it before it was cool. Swear.

• Jason and I got married on June 26th, 2010. Look closely, there’s a dog on our wedding cake.

• I’ve run a bunch of races, including a marathon and nine half-marathons. My first race ever was a half that I did with my father. I beat him by one second.

• I went to college at the University of Vermont and have a degree in Studio Art with a minor in English. I currently work in the marketing department of a promotional products company.

• I’m a pescatarian. This means that I eat fish and seafood but no other meat. I stopped eating beef and pork when I was 15 or 16. When I was around 24, I became pescatarian and stayed that was for around 7 years. For a year or so, I reintroduced chicken into my diet and then became completely vegetarian for about six months before returning to pescatarianism. As one of my co-workers likes to say, I like to eat pescs. However, 90% of what I cook at home is vegetarian.

• Unlike me, Jason does not have some weird food label for himself and eats everything. He likes hummus a lot too. He blames me.

• I use a Canon Xsi dSLR camera and a Canon Powershot A590 for my photos. I also use a Opteka bounce flash. Balk at the flash if you will, I like it. I’m a non-conformist and I have really bad natural lighting in my house. I edit my photos in Adobe Photoshop CS5 or iPhoto if I’m being lazy.

And that’s me in a nutshell.

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  1. this is great!! I love that you also have a golden :) best dog ever

  2. angiesappetite

    Like your blog! Congrats on the half-marathons! Quite an accomplishment!

  3. I live 4 hours south of Atlanta- I love going there to shop, eat, etc. I look forward to reading more of your blog:D

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  5. Love your blog! I think a lot of us struggle with being “weird” about food. I have definitely been too obsessed with what I was eating and what I wasn’t. Good for you for finding balance!

  6. Great Blog! I will be reading!

  7. I discovered your blog this evening. I’m realizing I share a lot of where you are coming from (cold all the time, once wearing sizes you never thought were possible, obsessing about food, etc.) I just started my own blog to work thru my “issues” so know that you are serving as an inspiration in some way :) I look forward to reading your posts!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward to reading more of yours! What a great story. It sounds like you really learned your body and who you are!

  9. I just found your blog through Healthy Tipping Point– I’m looking forward to following it! Your dog is very cute!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I totally appreciate your story and I feel like the hardest thing is finding the right balance. I am still working on that every day!!

  11. I just found your blog through Yes I Want Cake and I love it! I can’t wait to keep reading! You have a very open and honest “feel” about you and I really admire that!

  12. Hi! I just found your blog and love it…your ‘about me’ sounds very similar to my own story. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and that I’ll be back!


  13. What an inspiring story! I’m glad that you’re committed to being as healthy as possible. You’re right – many times, it’s not easy!

  14. Hey random question…are you still getting married this June?? I love all things wedding so I was just wondering.

  15. What a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to read more, and especially to hear about your wedding plans!

  16. What a great blog! I think a lot of us can relate to your story in one way or another. Being “weird” about food is fairly normal I’m learning, but not something we have to live with.

  17. I enjoyed checking out your blog today and I will be back to check it more in the future so please keep up your good quality work. I love the colors that you chose, you are quite talented!

  18. LOL – “….32 and not sure how that happened…” – tell me about it :(…I’m nearing the 30 mark and wondering where the hell time went…and wishing I could stay a nice round 25 for the rest of life…

  19. Goldens, YES! I’m not a huge dog person, but if you’ve got a golden, I’m in love :-)

  20. Hey, just found your blog and looking forward to reading more!!!

  21. Hi,

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  22. Hey Girl!

    Just saw your comment on my blog. I’m from DC too! Well, outside of DC…in Gaithersburg, MD. Great to see that you’re in Atlanta!

  23. i love your blog already! so glad i found it!

  24. Ha ha!! Im fast approaching 30 and continuously wonder how it happened!! x

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  26. Just discovered your blog thru Sarah at the shu box, I am so glad I did!

    Great blog Lee!!

  27. I was just going through all my comments that I haven’t seen in awhile. I saw yours from awhile ago and wanted to drop in and say hi! I love your page and pictures of Murphy of course! I think all Golden lovers tend to flock together :)

  28. Had to stop by after I saw Murphy’s cameo appearance on Carrots n’ Cake. Murphy’s a celebrity!

  29. Hey Lee! Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet a fellow graphic hippie 😉 hehe
    Seems like we have more in common than just that. You have a great blog, thanks again for the visit!

  30. Hi Lee,

    I am a good friend of Morgan’s (Beantowm Momma). Both you and I wrote a post on her blog under “I am a runner”. She thought it’d be fun for us to connect, so here I am. Since I live in Decatur, it’d be fun to get to know you!

    • Nice to “meet” you! I just went back and read your post on Morgan’s blog. Do you ever do any Atlanta races? I actually live pretty close to Decatur. I’m in Tucker.

  31. Likewise, Lee. Pleasure to meet you, too. I have yet to do an Atlanta race but am scheduled to do the Peachtree. After a half in May that shouldn’t be hard, but I am battling a hip injury right now that makes it so I can’t run at all! If I can get back to running even a week or two before the race, I plan to still give it a go. I have friends in Tucker–great area!

  32. I can’t believe I found another blogger named Lee! I have never heard of any girl with this name in real life until I joined the blogging world. The other Lee’s are at http://www.pinkofcondition.com and http://www.fitfoodiefinds.com haha welcome to the Lee club! :-)

  33. So, after follow you on Twitter forever (or the past 3 months) I finally checked out your blog — and I can’t understand why I wasn’t reading it sooner!

    I can definitely relate to being heavier in my early 20s and then getting super thin. It has take me a long time to get over my issues (and they surface every now and then, of course) – but running helps! Thank goodness for running. I only wish I had discovered it soon – just like your blog :)

  34. Adorable blog, so glad I stumbled upon it! I think you have a great, optimistic outlook on life :) And the dog topper on your wedding cake is fabulous I totes wanna do that now haha]!

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