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2/12 – Big Little Lies

I’m actually doing pretty well with my 12 books in 12 months goal.  I finished my second book a few weeks ago but haven’t gotten around to writing about it.  I think I’m not really the book review type, but here goes:

Screen Shot 2016 02 07 at 8 11 29 PM

I really liked Big Little Lies. It was a bit of a murder mystery but not really.  There was a murder and you knew it from the very beginning but the actual story took place (mostly) before the murder happened.  So while you knew there was a murder and you knew the story would eventually get there, which it did, a lot of it wasn’t about the murder at all, which was interesting.  I read it all in one night.  Easy, fun book.


Tales from the Grocery Store

One thing we’ve been working on with Alexander in speech therapy is using words to ask for something instead of whining.  He has words, but he uses them to label or to imitate mostly. It’s hard for me when he whines because I know what he wants (most of the time) and the whining is incredibly annoying so I just give in easily.  Anyway, so we were at Kroger this morning and he started asking for water.  Like legitimately saying, “wa-door.”

And of course, I didn’t have any wa-door to give him because after two years of having a child, I’m still lucky if I remember diapers in the diaper bag.  So I just picked up a Dasani water for him.  Obviously, I had to help him with it.  A 20 oz bottle of water and a 2-year old spells disaster on its own.  I’m giving him sips of water in the store and every time I close the bottle, “wa-door” and even, “more wa-door” which is something we’ve REALLY been working on.  So here I am at Kroger, stopping every two feet to give him a sip of water.  He’s also eating some crackers as an attempt to distract him so there’s nasty backwash in the water but that’s not really deterring him from wa-door, wa-door.

Note to self: bring a cup next time.

IMG 8639

Eating “fee-ba” (fig bar), not drinking wa-door.

Hot Chocolate 15K

After I ran the Atlanta 10-miler, I was in that post-race, I want to sign up for another race immediately mode.  So I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15K.  I wouldn’t say I trained perfectly for it.  I did all my long runs according to plan but my weekly runs were… sporadic.  So when race weekend got here, you’d think I’d be worried about the distance.  But nope, there was something else that was much more bothersome – the weather.

The predicted temperature on race morning was 24 degrees with a windchill of 16.  Now that’s cold for anyone no matter where you live, but for Atlanta, where the winter temperatures tend to hover in the low 40s, it’s sort of unimaginable.  So pre-race, that’s all everyone was talking about – the bitter cold weather.  So I went out and did what every experienced runner tells you not to do for race day- I bought some new clothes to wear.  I mean, I had to.

15K clothes

TJ Maxx for the win.

The weather forecast was spot on and it was ridiculously cold.  I drove to the race with two girls from my running group.  The race instructions said to arrive by 6:30 even though the race didn’t start until 7:40.  It actually said parking wasn’t guaranteed unless you arrived by 6:30.  Lies.  But anyway, we arrived at 6:20.  We sat in my car for a while before braving the elements and meeting up with some other ladies from the running group and also my friend Megan.

I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, another heavier long sleeve shirt on top of it, a hoodie, fleece running pants, a hat and gloves and I was still cold.  My saving grace, however, was that my friend Megan brought some disposable hand warmers.  Seriously could not have done it without those.

Before 15K

After we started running, the weather wasn’t too, too bad.  Megan and I ran together at the beginning but told each other that if one of us wanted to go faster or slower than the other, we’d just meet up at the finish.  I’m much better racing alone, to tell the truth.  I like to zone out and listen to my music.

The race started at Turner Field and went into Grant Park.  Megan and I lost each other around mile 2.  After that, it headed into the Old Fourth Ward and back through midtown through Georgia Tech.  At this point, I was feeling pretty good.  I was running at a comfortable pace and was, in fact, zoning out to my music.  I even removed my hand warmers.  Around mile 6, I started to think that maybe I could run the whole thing without walking.  The course was hilly, but not impossibly so and there were enough downhills to make up for the uphills.  Little did I know that a huge MFing hill was at Mile 7.

Mile7 hill

At least it’s pretty, right?  I let myself walk up the hill but then got a little discouraged when the 11:00 pacers caught up to me.  So once we hit the top of the hill, I started to run again.  Until I stopped to walk somewhere around the Capitol, which was another cruel hill.

After walking up the second big hill of the race, it was smooth sailing to the finish line.


I ended up finishing in 1:45 which I’m not particularly thrilled with, but whatever.  After the race, I went to get my finisher’s cup of chocolate.  And I didn’t take a picture.  Fail.  It was a cup with compartments – one had fondue, one had pretzels, one had cookies etc.  And in the middle, there was a steamy hot cup of hot chocolate.  All I cared about was the hot chocolate.

All in all, it was a good race.  I’d actually heard that it was sort of a cluster because of the popularity of the thing, but maybe the weather made a lot of people stay home because it seemed fairly well organized to me.

After mrtt


My last post broke my blog.  I had to do all this stuff to try to fix it and ended up screwing it up even more and had to enlist someone from the IT department at work to help me.  (Which he did and I’ve promised to bake him cookies.)

So my whoa is me post is gone.  But I think comments work again.  Oh, and I ran a 15K yesterday.

1/12 – Eleanor & Park

So, doing well on my read 12 books this year resolution.  Probably because I actually like to read, but I just never seem to find the time to tear myself away from instagram or whatever to do it.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 at 7 07 10 AM

For the first book, I read Eleanor & Park.  I’m not sure if this is considered YA or not, but probably.  However, I’m not above reading YA.  I liked The Fault in Our Stars and I generally like reading about teenagers so I figured I’d like this book.  Eh, not so much.

I mean, it wasn’t bad and it was definitely an easy read but there were a few things that bothered me.

1.  I felt anxious the whole time.  I guess because Eleanor was constantly worried about her stepfather, so I was constantly worried for her.

2.  The infatuation seemed unnatural and way too melodramatic.  I get high school love and all (actually, not really because I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school) but the whole, I can’t be without you schtick seemed far-fetched.

3.  Eleanor kept referring to how they all lived in this crappy part of town but I felt like that wasn’t reflected in the story very well.  Like why keep referring to it if you don’t elaborate?

4.  I suck at book reviews.

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