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It’s been A WEEK.  A lot of work-stress stuff.  Nothing too terrible aside from a lot of meetings and this one little lesson I learned which is if you are in charge of marketing automation, don’t put the wrong variable tag in an email.  DRAMA.  That doesn’t have to do with the meetings.  I just work at a meeting-happy place.

Food stuffs:  I bought this book, 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I’m just not feeling like myself.  I gained like 6-7 pounds in the beginning of fall and I don’t know why really and I can’t get rid of them.  So I thought maybe this would help get my eating habits in check.  It seems kind of similar to the Whole30, except that you can have full-fat dairy and there are several levels of the program, and on the easiest, you can have some carbs like quinoa and rice.  When I attempted the Whole30, I did it half-assed.  I’m really going to try this for 21 days and see what happens.  After Thanksgiving though.  I really would like Jason to do it with me, but that’s going to take some major convincing.

Workout stuffs:  I’m still kind of lost without a training plan.  I’ve been running sporadically.  I did 2.75 miles on Tuesday and 1.75 today.  I also did one strength workout that I found online that focused on back and biceps.  My friend Christina and I are thinking of doing two races together in the upcoming months.  The Hot Chocolate 15K in January and the Publix GA Half in March.  I like the distance of the 15K but I’ve heard the Hot Chocolate race is a cluster.  However, there is chocolate involved.  (Didn’t I just buy a sugar detox book?  Don’t answer that.)  And then the GA Half is almost a given if I’m doing long distance running that time of year.  I’ve done it 6 times in the past, I think.

Picture stuffs:


Lee aledx

Ugh, I feel like my face looks so puffy.  My kid is cute though.  And this is what happened shortly after.

Bad pic

Rainy Weekend

It’s been raining for like a million days in a row.  I don’t really mind it for the most part except that Murphy hates it and traffic’s a bitch.


Oh and it kind of limits weekend activities.

There was actually a break in the rain on Saturday morning, so I went running with a running group that I’ve ran with once before.  We did just under 5 miles and for whatever reason, I couldn’t keep up.  I don’t think we were running particularly fast, but there were a couple of times where I had to stop and walk.  Or rather, I wanted to.  I probably didn’t have to.  So that kind of defeated the purpose of running with a group.  But still five miles is five miles.

After the run, we took Alexander to get his hair cut and then we had lunch at Taco Mac, which has apparently rebranded itself as T. Mac.  Taco Mac has sort of mediocre food.  Their main draw is that they have a million tvs and a million beers on tap.  Normally going out with Alexander is sort of a nightmare.  He wants to run around, he doesn’t want to sit in the highchair and he throws his food instead of eating it.  But the stars aligned at Taco Mac and he was an angel child (with food all over his face).

Taco mac

It was raining again today and much colder, so I made soup.  I often make soups on Sundays because Jason only likes canned soups (I know, right?!) and doesn’t like it when I make homemade soup during the week.  His loss.  I made Broccoli Cheese soup. I lighted it up slightly by using 3/4 cup almond milk and 1/4 cup half and half and then only using 1 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of flour.

Broccoli soup

I thought it was delicious.  But I’m not quite sure why I thought my 21 month old could eat soup from a spoon like a champ.

Alex soup


Alex mess

And like that, the weekend is over.  And it’s still raining.

Five things plus a picture

1.  I ran this morning.  Morning running does not come easily to me.  I tend to toss and turn thinking my alarm is about to go off and I won’t get enough sleep and I don’t get a good night sleep because of it.  So that happened, but I ran 3 miles anyway.

2.  My throat has been hurting today but in a weird way, like on one side only.  I finally got a good look in there and guess what?  There’s a huge-ass canker sore on my tonsil.  So yeah, that’s fun.  At least I’m not getting sick.

3  I made this salad for work lunches.  I didn’t use the homemade dressing, but instead used Tessamae’s Lemon Garlic dressing AKA liquid crack.  My mother turned me on to this stuff and omg, if it was acceptable to drink salad dressing out of the bottle, I totally would.  I didn’t use goat cheese in my salad.  I bought some for it, but it tasted off, so I left it out.

4.  I had 7 meetings today.  Yes, you read that right.  Seven.  You might wonder how I have time to actually get any work done.  I wonder that too.

5.  I feel like I need to do some sort of detox or something.  I’m eating like crap.

And a picture that has nothing to do with anything.

Murphy leaves

Running on Fumes

I know everyone is complaining about it getting dark early with daylight savings time, but personally, I’m relishing this extra hour.  Alexander decided to wake up this morning at 5:30 (really 6:30 to him).  He normally wakes up at 7:30 or 8.  Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I had this cold/virus/bug thing and was up all night on/off shivering and sweating with a fever.  The fortunate part comes in when Jason woke up with Alexander and let me sleep until 9 (really 10)!

So yeah, I had this bug over the weekend and Jason had it a few days before that and a few days before that, Alexander had croup.  So I kind of feel like I was running on fumes this past week.  Honestly, it’s a big blur.  I only ran once – 2 miles.  So much for keeping up with my endurance.

But there was Halloween in there and even though we kept it very low-key, there’s really nothing cuter than a 21 month old monster.



I actually bought this costume for him last Halloween and it was way too big, so that worked out.  Except that he hated it.  Mostly he hated the head really.  He was okay when we took it off. Our area has a “trunk or treat” festival on Halloween.  I had never heard of this before moving here but it’s like a festival where people hand out candy from the trunks of their cars.  So we went to that.  Minus the monster head.


Oh and Alexander discovered lollipops.

Family halloween

Now it’s 9:30 (really 10:30) and I need to go to bed.  I’m hoping this week is better then the last.

Now what?

This happens to me every time I run a race – I don’t quite know what to do with myself after.  I’m not great at keeping up running just to run.  I need to have something to train for.  Immediately after the 10 miler, I started looking up half-marathons.  I mean, if I can run 10, I can run 13.  I found one in Roswell in a couple of weeks, but I didn’t want to do it alone and it’s on Christina’s mom’s birthday so she couldn’t do it.  There’s the Thanksgiving Half, but I’m out of town and then there’s another in December.

My enthusiasm quickly turned to laziness though and here it is Thursday morning and I finally made myself run a meager two miles.  It’s funny, you’d think that after doing ten miles on Sunday, resting for 3 days and then running two, it’d be easy.  But it wasn’t.  Granted, I was trying to run faster than I normally do, but it wasn’t like the time flew by.  It wasn’t hard, per se, but I actually have a more difficult time with shorter distances.  It takes me a good three miles to get into the zone.

So yeah, now what?  I need to sign up for something!

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