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Memorial Day Grill Out

We had our friends Emily and Brian over last night for a grill out.  It’s so much easier just to have people over than to go out to eat these days.  Plus, being Memorial Day weekend, we kind of had to grill.


I googled, “best turkey burgers” and this recipe was the first site that came up.  Fine by me.

Turkey burger

With it, I made avocado potato salad. Avocado instead of mayo, yes please.  Emily and Brian brought fruit salad and these spinach cheese squares that were very good.


It was warm out but the mosquitoes hadn’t taken over yet (or the bug spray in our yard worked.)  We listened to music and drank too much wine (or maybe that was just me) and had a really nice evening.

Long Week is Over

This was a trying week.  Some sort of doctor’s appointment for me or Alexander almost every single day.  And all three of us got sick.

We had Alexander’s GI appointment on Tuesday.  The doctor (who I thought looked like my father – I see a ton of people in the world that look like my father, it’s very strange.  I digress.) suggested that we do a food diary for three days and they’ll have a dietician look at it and make recommendations.  He also seemed to show a lot of interest in the genetic testing we’ve done and how we have another appointment (in Sept, ugh) to revisit the issue.  I know genetics is not this doctor’s specialty but basically he said that Alexander has some idiosyncrasies that if they were on their own probably would be nothing, but the combination of them could suggest something bigger.  Same thing his doctor says.  It stings to hear it from someone else, someone who’s never met or seen Alexander before.  He looks fine to me.

Alexander book

I mean except for the fact that those are 6 month clothes he’s wearing and he’s 16 months old.

What does my gut say?  It says there’s something going on.  I’ve had a lot of time to process this (hello giant question mark looming over our heads for almost two years) and while he’s grown into his giant eyes some since he was an infant, he’s definitely developmentally behind and I can’t ignore that.

Anyway, we still don’t know anything and that was an incredibly long-winded way of saying we have to keep a food diary.  And give him Miralax for painful poo issues.  So that’s fun.

Moving on to myself.


I have De Quervain’s Syndrome.  That’s what Google told me it was before I went to the doctor but I decided that since I’m not actually a doctor despite good google skills, I should probably let a professional check it out.  It’s basically tendinitis in the tendon that goes from your thumb to your wrist.  And you know what it’s usually from?  Holding a baby.  Really.  (or texting, actually)

They gave me a cortisone shot in my wrist (more fun!) and told me that would kick in and help.  And I’m supposed to wear this splint when I can for two weeks.  It’s not very comfortable.  It’s hot and heavy and I can’t type in it so I end up taking it off a lot.

So yeah, it was as difficult week.  But it’s over.  And it’s a 3-day weekend.  And I’m having a new coffee.  (I like for my coffee to taste as little like coffee as possible).

Smores coffee

Long Week

It’s only Tuesday morning and I am dragging just thinking about the week.  Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist in the middle of the day because I somehow chipped a back tooth over the weekend.  Don’t ask me how – I have no idea, or no memory of it happening.  My back tooth just felt weird and jaggedy all of a sudden.  I actually thought I chipped a filling because I didn’t feel any pain, but nope, it was the actual tooth.

This morning, Alexander has a gastroenterologist appointment.

Tomorrow morning, we have speech.

Friday morning, I have an orthopedist appointment to check out my wrist, which has been bothering me for months.

So yeah, I have one day out of the whole week where there’s not some sort of doctor appointment for either me or Alexander.  Being an adult sucks.  And you know what else sucks?  Trying to fit in workouts and healthy food.  Jason made Mushroom Kale Lasagna Rolls for dinner last night.  They were good, but he said they were pretty labor intensive.  Not the best for a weeknight.  We have a ton of leftovers though.

Kale rollups

Okay, ending my whiny post.

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

Kirkwood Spring Fling – Year Two

Last year, we went to the Kirkwood Spring Fling, an arts festival, and I remember really enjoying myself.  So I was excited to go back again this year.  Atlanta has a ton of arts festivals during the spring and summer.  You can pretty much (and we do) go to one every weekend.  The big ones (Dogwood Festival, Inman Park Festival) are very crowded and while the art is nice to look at, it’s not exactly affordable.  I prefer the smaller festivals like the Kirkwood Spring Fling.

Kirkwood spring fling

We got there around two and walked around looking at the various art booths.  I actually knew two different artists that had booths.  One of them, Melissa, gave me a pair of earrings.


There were lots of fun booths to look at.  Everything from jewelry to paintings to mixed media prints to coffee mugs.

Funny mugs

Alexander was apparently bored by the art.

Alex sleeping stroller

After seeing all the booths, we sat down to listen to some music and find some food.

Caprese salad

I got a panzanella salad from Ration and Dram, which I guess is a new restaurant in the area.  I’m so out of the restaurant loop.  It was good though.

Alex crawling


Alexander enjoyed my fork.  And crawling around.  And trying to steal a corndog from a random guy that was sitting in front of us.  You might notice the outfit change.  We had a little incident with some throwing up.  I don’t know if he got overheated or it’s a bug (there was a sign on his daycare class that said that a stomach bug was going around.)  He seemed okay after though.

Lee alex

Another Kirkwood Spring Fling in the books!

On Wednesdays, We Have Speech (and Starbucks)

Wednesdays suck. Because we’re getting speech therapy for Alexander through our county and because I work full-time and because his daycare is in a neighboring county, our speech therapist comes to our house once a week at 7 am. So this means that not only do I have to wake up early, but Alexander does too and he’s a cranky mess because of it.


Our county’s Early Intervention program addresses the primary concern first and originally for Alexander, it was feeding. But then the first time the speech therapist came to our house, miraculously (or maybe even spitefully, who knows?) he started swallowing things. Peaches, it was peaches first. I’d put them on his highchair tray as an example of something he wouldn’t eat. Not only did he eat them, he wanted more.

And now he’s eating fine. It had nothing to do with the speech therapy. It was purely coincidental. So while she was there, since we weren’t working on feeding, I tried to get help with some of his communication issues. Alexander does not respond to his name, or if he does, it’s rare. He does not follow a simple direction. He babbles quite frequently but has no real words and his babbles don’t mean anything. At least not that I can tell.

So I figured that while the SLP (speech language pathologist) was there, we could work on those things instead of feeding. So she gave me little tips that I could try. Narrating my day. Pointing to objects and naming them. Stuff that I felt like I could figure out on my own. Or at least with a little bit of googling.

I’m frustrated. Isn’t therapy supposed to be more… intensive? Why am I waking up an hour early for someone to tell me to sing Wheels on the Bus? Is it because this is through the state? Would private therapy be better? Does he even need therapy? And then comes the frustration that I even have to go through this at all. I emailed our service coordinator about it all. How I’m feeling like this isn’t helping, like we aren’t doing anything. Crickets.

So yeah, Wednesdays suck. I do treat myself to Starbucks though.

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