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Color Me Rad

Yesterday morning, I did the Color Me Rad 5K with Tina, Lindsay, Lindsay’s sister Katy and their friend Maddy.  The race was about 45 minutes away in Conyers, so Tina and I decided to drive there together.  Fortunately, we were able to park right next to Lindsay and crew and even more fortunately, that parking spot was right by the exit.

We all wore white shirts so you could see the color best.

Color me rad1

If you’re wondering what’s on my face, it’s a temporary tattoo that came with our race packets.  Putting it on my face seemed like a good idea at the time, but getting it off after was not.  Anyway.

The race went in heats and we’d signed up for the 8:10 one (though really you could go in whatever one you wanted.)  They had a stage set up with some fun games and lots of pre-race color bombs being thrown.  The color bombs were actually colored corn starch in plastic bags.

Before color me rad

After getting significantly more colorful, we lined up and got ready for the 5K part of it.

Color me rad2

The run actually turned out to be a trail run, with a couple of pretty steep hills, which I wasn’t really expecting.

Color me rad trails

This was definitely not the type of race that you do for time.  In fact, there wasn’t even a time clock.  So we walked some parts of it and ran others.

Every so often, there’d would be a color station where volunteers would throw more color on you.

Color me rad color

I have no idea how long it took us to finish, but by the end, we looked like this:

Lee tina color me rad

(photo from Tina)

Color me rad group

(photo from Lindsay)

Colored Rad indeed.

Dough for Lunch

Yesterday, I had lunch with some of my favorite blogger friends at Dough Bakery.

Bloggers dough bakery

(Alayna, Tina, me and my blindingly pale legs, Laura and Heather, who was in town from Colorado for her sister’s wedding.)

Dough is a totally vegan bakery that does both sandwiches and baked goods.  All of their “meats” are totally vegan and made by Gutenfleischers, which is their in-house deli.  All of the meats look (relatively) like real deli meats and they slice them on a traditional meat slicer.

I went with the pressed herb “turkey” with vegan mozzarella on rye.  It did not disappoint.

Dough bakery sandwich

Now I haven’t had a real turkey sandwich in a long time, so I can’t really vouch for how much it really tasted like turkey, but it hit the spot, that was for sure.  And even though I was super full, I couldn’t resist dessert.  They had a bunch of baked goods, but they also had vegan soft serve.  Vegan soft serve that could be made into milkshakes.  Sold.

Dough bakery milkshake

I’d definitely go back.  Now I just need to convince Jason…

Dough Bakery on Urbanspoon

Peachtree Road Race 2013

Yesterday morning, I woke up early, scarfed down a bagel and headed to Midtown in the rain. I was able to park my car at Carol’s condo and we walked to the Marta station, where we met Laura.

Lee car

Though it was raining when I arrived at Carol’s, but by some miracle, by the time we got on Marta, it stopped. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that for a while, because we got stuck in the Marta station. There are two stations that are close to the start of the race – Lenox and Buckhead. Lenox is closer, but we happened to be on the line that went toward Buckhead so we thought we’d just get off there instead of changing trains. Apparently, since the Buckhead station is about a quarter mile past the start of the race, on the route, they were only letting people out of the station in waves, to not interrupt the race (or something like that.) It felt like we were trapped forever, but it was probably only about 10-15 minutes, if that.

Crowded marta station

Lee laura marta


Carol laura mata

We had intended on starting in Wave G, but by the time we got out, that wave was already starting and by the time we got to the start, we ended up in wave L. No big deal really. Since it wasn’t hot and sunny, it didn’t matter if we got a later start.

Peachtree start

The three of us mostly ran with some occasional walk breaks, mostly for water, for the first three miles. At mile 3, I really had to go to the bathroom and didn’t feel like running with a full bladder, so I told Carol and Laura to go ahead.  Also, i was being wimpy and didn’t want to run up a hill.

Lee peachtree

From miles 3 to 5, I kind of did a combination of jogging and walking, walking up the hills. The rain was still holding off and it actually ended up being pretty great weather for running.  You know I’m walking if I’m taking selfies.  Also, hello crows feet.  I need to stop slacking on my eye cream.

At Mile 5, I decided there was no reason that I shouldn’t be running, so I did. I just ran at a comfortable pace and tried to take the atmosphere in. I didn’t have any music, but there were so many people and spectators that it didn’t really matter. It was sort of nice to run a race and enjoy it instead of running for time. I’m always running for time.

Peachtree near mile5

It looks like it’s raining in this picture, but really it wasn’t.

I ended up finishing in like an hour and 25 minutes (I walked A LOT) which was totally fine with me. The Peachtree is not really a race to PR in, especially if you haven’t been running.

I met up with Carol and Laura fairly easily afterward. We hung out for a little while at the park and then at Laura’s condo before I headed home to take a much deserved nap.

Lee laura carol piedmont park

Another Peachtree in the books!  I didn’t want to do it, but it ended up being one of the most enjoyable Peachtrees that I’ve done.

Restaurant Review: Ceviche

Last night, I met Tina for dinner at Ceviche.

Ceviche exterior

The restaurant was located in Downtown Roswell, which is sort of in between my office and Tina’s house. I’d never really been to the Downtown area before (it’s like one street, basically) but it was really cute, with lots of restaurants and shops and stuff. Kind of what Downtown Tucker should be like, but probably never will.  Anyway.

Aside from the location, we decided to come here after spotting it on Scoutmob.  Here’s the thing with Scoutmob – it’s really great but it’s kind of a known thing that most of the restaurants who are on there are kind of looking for more patrons.  Sure, there will be an occasional popular place (and they do these hand-picked deals which is something totally different) but for the most part, it’s generally restaurants that aren’t that great.  At least, that’s what my most recent experiences have lead me to believe.

Ceviche was really small inside.  We were able to get a table right away but we were very, very close to the table next to us.  Also, I don’t know if you can tell from the picture above, but there were no blinds on the windows and the sun was streaming in – into my eyes.  I had to have Tina position her head in such a way that I could actually see.

Ceviche chips

There is no filter on that picture.  It’s the sun!  The chips and salsa were good.  Tina said she thought a good salsa was an indicator of a good meal.  Little did she know her theory wasn’t always correct!  Since the place was called Ceviche and offered several different types, I went with the ceviche sampler platter.  The menu was sort of hard to understand.  They had two sampler platters, one that said it was three bites and the other that said it was for sharing.  Our server said the bigger one was what I should get if I wanted it for my meal.  I chose scallop, tilapia and mahi.


I don’t think I’ve ever judged a restaurant on it’s food presentation before, but seriously?  A plate with some saltines?  At least put it in a pretty glass or something!  I know that ceviche is “cooked” in lime juice, but this tasted very, very heavily of lime.  It masked the flavor of the fish, which I didn’t like.  Lighter on the lime, guys.

Ceviche lettuce wraps

Tina got the fish tacos in a lettuce wrap.  They offer all of their tacos in lettuce wraps, which I thought was pretty cool.  She said this was good, but all she could really taste was the chipotle sauce.

Ceviche, I wanted to like you, but I was just kind of underwhelmed.  Sorry.  It was a nice evening with Tina, though.

Ceviche Taqueria on Urbanspoon

Blogger Dinner at Desta

Last night, I went to dinner with some of my blogger friends.  We decided that we want to try an Ethiopian restaurant and I suggested Desta.  My friends Andrew and Katharine took me a couple years ago and I remembered it being good.  That said, I was a little nervous that no one else would like it and I would be forever scorned as “the one who picked the bad restaurant.”  This has happened before, though not with blogger friends (ahem, 5 Napkin Burger).

One thing that I really love about Atlanta is that though it’s full of trendy farm-to-table restaurants, it’s also full of authentic ethnic cuisine.  For whatever reason, I’ve found myself craving the latter lately.  I’m actually going to a Korean restaurant tomorrow night, but that’s another post.  Obviously, since I haven’t gone yet.  Also, I tend to forget which is the former and which is the latter.  The second is the latter, right?

I digress.

I called ahead and made reservations since there was a large group of us.  At first, they sat us at a table that was too small, but were able to move us to a bigger one.  In attendance were myself, Laura, Laura’s friend and regular guest blogger Kat, Heather, Alayna, Stacy and Heather and her boyfriend, who are visiting for the weekend from Tennessee.  And with that many bloggers in the place, no one remembered to get a group picture.  Fail.  I did get some pictures of the food however.

If you’ve never had Ethiopian food, the main thing to know is that traditionally you don’t use utensils.  Instead, you scoop up your food with a bread made of teff flour called Injera.  It kind of looks like towels, but tastes delicious.  (They will give you a fork if you ask though.)

Injera desta

Laura was looking up reviews while we were ordering and the Vegetarian Platter was mentioned several times.  I didn’t really know which of the dishes I’d like more than others, so I figured why not try them all?

Vegetarian platter desta

I have no idea what any of this really is.  I think it’s something with chickpeas on the left, something with lentils next to it, and then a bunch of delicious tasting mysteries.  And a huge half jalapeno hiding in the back.  Several people ended up with this platter, Laura and Heather got the fish tibs and Alayna got the lamb tibs.  Everything was delicious, save for the Ethiopian wine that Laura and Kat ordered.  I didn’t taste it, but the consensus was that it tasted like vinegar.  Oh well, food made up for it, I hope.

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?

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