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New Jeans

One day two weeks ago, I went to Filene’s Basement on my lunch break. I tried on a bunch of stuff, including a pair of jeans. I’m basically between two sizes. Really, that’s not true; I’m the bigger size of the two, although sometimes stuff fits the smaller size. I tried on the jeans in both sizes and the bigger size fit better. The smaller size fit, but they were tight.

I thought that since I’d started Weight Watchers, it would be stupid to buy the bigger size jeans. I also didn’t buy the smaller sized pair either. I left without anything.

I thought about those jeans all week. I really needed a new pair and I realized that I was being ridiculous for not buying them because they weren’t the size that I wanted to be. No one is going to know what size I’m wearing. If I can squeeze myself into the smaller size, they’re probably not going to look as good as the size that actually fits. I am going to be more comfortable if my clothes fit me correctly.

So I went back and bought them. In the bigger size. And if I lose weight and they’re too big, they were $40, it’s not a huge deal. Stacey and Clinton from What Not To Wear always tell you to dress for the body you have, not the body you want. I pass up a lot of clothes because I refuse to try on the bigger size. Size is just a number. A number that varies from brand to brand, at that. I refuse to let the size of my clothes make me feel bad about myself.


I probably should get them hemmed though.

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