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Weekend Recap

Even though I’m on maternity leave and doing things like watching Teen Mom: Being Catelynn during the day, I still really look forward to the weekends because I get more sleep.  It makes a huge, huge difference in my mood.  I’ve never been particularly good at functioning with not a lot of sleep so it’s no surprise that I’m sort of a grumpy, weepy mess during the week.  I feel a lot better on the weekends.  I get to skip one or more of the middle of the night feedings which is huge.  We also get out of the house.

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to taking a little baby out.  Some people think that you should keep them away from the general public for a couple of months and others think that you can take them out right away.  We fall into the second camp.  We’d go stir crazy in the house and plus, our pediatrician said it was fine to take Alexander out.

The weather has been sort of schizophrenic lately and like a week and a half after we had that big ice/snow, it was almost 70 degrees.  We took advantage and met our friends Jamie and Dave at Raging Burrito.

IMG 0140

Despite the double entendre on the wall there, it’s actually a really family-friendly place.  Plus also, it was National Margarita Day.

IMG 0141

The thing about going out with a baby is that there is only a small chunk of time that you can be out – that is if you forget something like his food or diapers or wipes or something that I’ve inevitably forgotten recently.  This time it was food, so after one drink and some food, we headed back home.

I’m not even sure what we did that night.  Sat on the couch?

IMG 0142

(I’m posting this picture strictly because I have regular clothes and makeup on.  It’s a rare event.)

Sunday was still unseasonably warm, so we went for a walk around the neighborhood.


Earlier in the day, I had baked a banana bread (without chocolate chips because you know what happened to them) to bring over to our neighbors house.  We put it in the bottom of the stroller and stopped by their house but they weren’t home.  So we kept walking and eventually ran into them.  Their son is like two weeks younger than Alexander, so that’s pretty awesome.  Also awesome – we forgot to give them the banana bread so I now have a loaf of banana bread for myself.

Banana bread

And now I’m sleep deprived again and onto Teen Mom: Becoming Amber.

Looking Back at 2013

So I know the whole look back at the year thing isn’t exactly original, but it’s fun for me and my family to see so I’m doing it.  2013 was a weird year.  Though it wasn’t a bad year, it was very trying at times.  But it was also a lot of fun and I decided to remember the fun parts of it rather than the more difficult ones.


Jan everglades

Jason and I visited my dad and stepmother in Naples, FL and took a fun Everglades boat tour.


Apparently, I did nothing of interest in February, so here’s a cute Murphy picture instead.  This is actually from September, but whatever.  And no, it wasn’t really coffee.

Murphy sbux


Mar silver comet

I ran the Silver Comet 10K with Stacy.

March columbia

Jason and I went to Columbia, South Carolina for St. Patrick’s Day weekend and I discovered that I can’t hang like I used to.

March dog park

There were many trips to the dog park as the weather started to warm up.


April festival

Festival season started in Atlanta and we went to a few.

April joans wedding

We also went to our friends Joan and Sean’s wedding.


May deck

Jason built a new deck.  (It’s not finished in this picture.)

May greenville2

We went to Greenville, South Carolina and made funny faces.

May brew at zoo

We went to Brew at the Zoo with our friends Emily and Brian.  (See, Brian, you’re famous again.)


June colorado

June colorado3

June colorado2

We went to Colorado for a week.  And why yes, that is a fried bull testicle in Jason’s mouth.


July peachtree

I ran (or ran/walked rather) the Peachtree with Laura and Carol.  (Carol, did you stop blogging?)

July color me rad

I did the Color Me Rad 5k with Lindsay and Tina.

July stone mountain

We went to Stone Mountain a few times.


Aug baby

Though we found out in June, we told everyone that Murphy was getting a baby (human) brother.  Actually, we didn’t know it was a boy at that point.


Sept music midtown

We went to Music Midtown and it sucked.

Sept myrtle beach

We went to Myrtle Beach.

Sept festival

I tried to take pictures of myself with Murphy.  Wait, that happens every month.


Oct winship

We did the Emory Winship 5K with other people from my office.


Nov nursery

We started working on the nursery.


Dec haircut

It’s been a slower month that usual due to my doctor ordered taking it easy.  I did get a good haircut though.

Instead of Blogging

So, what have I been doing lately instead of blogging?

Well, instead of blogging, I’ve been going to countless doctor’s appointments.  Honestly, if you are having a normal, non-eventful pregnancy, please don’t take it for granted.  Going to the doctor twice a weeks sucks.  I have anxiety before each appointment. I miss a lot of work. I have anxiety about missing work.  It’s not fun.  Though sometimes I do get pictures.

Kissy baby

Instead of blogging, I’ve been spending time with my brother and sister.  They drove from Maryland to Florida and stopped in Atlanta for two nights to visit us.  Unfortunately, it poured all day and we weren’t able to do much, save for a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit.

Trivial pursuit

And by rousing, I mean we all got bored after an hour and my brother couldn’t stop putting his answers in the form of a question.

Instead of blogging, I’ve been cooking.  Last night we made Vegetable Baked Ziti.

Baked ziti

It was good, but could have used some more spices.

Baked ziti2

I also made Fresh Cranberry Oatmeal Bars.

Cranberry bars

Despite forgetting to put 2 tablespoons of flour in the filling, they tasted really good.

Cranberry bars cut

So, yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing instead of blogging.

Mid November 2013

Usually, I have no trouble writing, but I just haven’t felt like it lately.  I’ve been stressed out and hormonal and just plain tired.  It’s a fun combo and I haven’t been running to make it all better.  The elliptical just isn’t the same.  Here’s some randomness from my life lately because maybe one day I’ll want to look back into mid-November 2013 and see what I was up to.

28 weeks

That’s my official third trimester picture.  I’m wearing an outfit that really shows off the bump.  If I had on a looser shirt or non-maternity jeans, you probably couldn’t tell.  But you can, right?  I’m highly sensitive about my small bump, if you couldn’t tell.

Thai red curry sauce

My dinners seem to go back and forth between a nice healthy meal like this Thai Red Curry Tofu and cereal.  Special K Protein is like my new favorite thing.  I don’t want to talk about how many boxes I’ve gone through in the past couple of months.  I also don’t want to talk about how I discovered if you add chocolate chips to it, it’s really, really good.  Chocolate chips just add to the protein, right?  Milk?  Don’t answer that.

Henry honda civic

So this was Henry Honda Civic. (Yes, he’s a boy.  My cars are boys.)  I’ve had him since 2001 and it was time for him to move onto greener pastures.  So I said goodbye and traded him in for Herman Honda CR-V.  (No picture; I thought showing a picture of my current car on the internets was perhaps not a good idea.)  So that was exciting.  I really wanted a Prius because I like to think I’m all earth-friendly hippie, but I worried that I might regret not having something with extra room.  Henry Honda Civic (he goes by his full name, as does Herman Honda CR-V) was good to me, but I have to say, I’m not really missing him.

And that’s what I’ve got – a belly shot, some tofu and an old car.  That’s mid November 2013 for you.

Recapping the Weekend

I feel like most of my posts recently are just recaps of the weekend.  It’s because I don’t really do much during the week, I guess.  Go to work, go to the gym (sometimes), make dinner (sometimes), go to sleep.  Kind of boring, right?  And if I’m boring myself, I’m sure I’m boring anyone who might be reading.

The weekends are fun though and actually this one started out with something fun on Friday morning.  My office recently started this “Bring Your Dog to Work Day.”  We have about 80 people in the office and once a week on Fridays, someone is allowed to bring their dog into the office.   Murphy made his debut this week.

Murphy work2

Everyone LOVED him.  He got a lot of belly rubs and had some fun running around the office.  Honestly, it was probably more fun for everyone else than for me, because I was constantly watching him, making sure that he wasn’t bothering people and secretly freaking out that there was some back door open (there wasn’t.)  He was good though and spent most of the time under a co-worker’s desk.

Murphy work1

We took it easy on Friday night because we had to wake up early on Saturday morning for the Emory Winship 5K.  This was actually a race that we participated in through my office (Emory is a client of ours).  They gave us team shirts and about 30 people from work were there.

Emory winship 5k

Though I’ve been walking on a treadmill and around my neighborhood, I have not really been running much.  And when I say much, I mean at all.  The last time I really ran was when I did the Color Me Rad 5K in July and even then I didn’t run the whole thing.  So while Jason ran the race, I mostly walked with another co-worker.  We did jog here and there, but mostly walked.  The race was hilly though and I don’t know if it was that or the jogging or what, but I had some major discomfort afterward.  Without getting too TMI on you, basically I just had a weird pressure and soreness in my pelvis.  I also felt it a little bit in my inner thighs.  That actually made me feel better about it, because it wasn’t just where the baby might be.  Upon consulting Dr. Google, I found out that it is a pretty common occurrence in pregnant runners and I should just take it easy.  I felt better the next day, but I think my days of running or jogging are over until next Spring.

After the race, we took naps and got ready to see Sigur Ros in concert.  If you’re not familiar with them, they’re…umm…interesting.   They sing in a combination of a made-up language and Icelandic, so it was almost like seeing an instrumental show because we couldn’t tell what they were saying.

Sigur ros

I wouldn’t say it was the best concert I’ve ever been to, but it was cool and they played two songs that are always on my running mixes.

And also, this…

Harry sons coconut soup

I finally got my Harry & Sons soup.

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