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Third Time’s a Charm?

Even though I try to hit all my muscles when I’m lifting weights, I think that I’m pretty much clueless. So, for the third time, I took my New Rules of Lifting for Women book to the gym with me at lunch. I’ve had this book for at least a year and I’ve tried to do the program twice. There are six stages and completing the entire program takes roughly six months. In the past, I’ve never gotten past Stage 3. I’ve either simply burned out or, more likely, I started training for a race and strength training took a back seat to running. But hey, third time’s the charm, right? In order not to bore my readers to death, I’m not going to chronicle every single NRLFW workout that I do. But I will post my beginning stats and then my stats again when I finish each stage for comparison. By stats, I mean how much weight I can lift, not how much I weigh.

Today was Workout 1A which looks like this:

1. Squats – 2 sets of 15 reps – 20 lbs

2. Push-ups – 2 sets of 15 reps. I used the Smith Machine and did incline push-ups which are easier than regular. NRLFW recommends doing this instead of knee pushups.

3. Low Row – 2 sets of 15 reps, 40 lbs. I think this was a little too light.

4. Step-ups – 2 sets of 15 reps (each leg), 25 lbs

5. Prone Cobra – 2 sets of 8 reps

Since I was able to do my workout at lunch, I felt like I had enough time to make a proper dinner and finally make the Skinny Bitch Quinoa Stuffed Peppers with Tomatillo Sauce that I’d been dying to make all week.

What I didn’t realize, however, was how much of a pain in the ass this recipe was. First, you had to broil the peppers.


Then I stuck them in a bag and let them sweat for half an hour, then peeled and seeded them.


While the peppers are doing their thing, the tomatillos also needed to be broiled.


Did you know that tomatillos are sticky when you peel the papery skin off?


The next step was to make the filling. This was relatively easy, but time consuming since the quinoa had to cook first.


And then I made the tomatillo sauce.


I was already annoyed at this point because it was taking SOOO long to make this. I wasn’t happy when I realized that my peppers were totally flat and not easy to stuff. I’m not sure why these were cooked first. They’d be much easier to stuff and much quicker if you stuffed them before cooking. I managed to stuff them as best I could.


Of course, they totally fell apart when I put them on a plate.


The peppers tasted good but it honestly took me over an hour to cook them and it wasn’t worth it. I liked the filling and the sauce, so I think that if I omitted the peppers altogether, this could be an easy, weeknight recipe.

Real Meals

We went to the Farmer’s Market last night after we got home from South Carolina. Going to the Farmer’s Market just puts me in a good mood. We loaded up on all sorts of vegetables and I felt prepared for the week ahead. I hate starting out a week without a stocked fridge.

I’ve been cooking out of the Skinny Bitch Cookbook. Most of the recipes that I’ve made are pretty decent, save for a tempeh stew that I hated. Last night, we had Asian Macaroni and Cheese. Like all the recipes in this cookbook, it was vegan so obviously there wasn’t any cheese. Instead, there was a cheese like sauce made from cauliflower and other things.


This recipe wasn’t bad, but truthfully, it was a bit bland. I followed it exactly and didn’t really taste much of a sauce. Tonight, I tried again, this time with Cholay Aloo which was an Indian dish made with potatoes, tomatoes and chickpeas.


We both enjoyed this much more. With the main dish, we also had brown rice cooked in coconut milk and roasted broccoli. We didn’t really need rice with potato dish, but I wanted some sort of side. Side dishes are my trouble spot. I tend to make a main meal and serve it by itself and then get hungry hours later. So, I’ve been trying to make sides that go with the main course. Like a real cook!

Ever since we got back from Maryland, I’ve been making a very conscious effort to change the way I’m eating. I haven’t had an diet soda in over two weeks and before this past weekend, I hadn’t had any alcohol. I’ve also been really trying to focus on real meals with whole foods and trying to stay away from added sugar. And really, there is a huge difference in how I feel. I feel thinner. I don’t know if I actually am, because I haven’t weighed myself, but I feel sort of lighter and just better.

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