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All Sick

I know people say that it’s just a myth that a change in the weather makes you sick but I totally believe it.  There’s a nasty bout of yuck going around the Becknell household.  Alexander woke up earlier this week with a croupy cough and stridor (a wheezy breathing thing) so Jason took him to the doctor and they gave him an oral steroid for the cough.  I thought he was better, and he never had a fever, so I brought him to daycare yesterday and they called me around 3:30 saying he had a 103 fever.


That’s us looking pathetic.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, my company holiday party was at 4 yesterday, so I just missed that and didn’t have to worry about taking time off work.  A good thing since I have zero PTO left (I’m taking two days next week).  Jason’s job, however, provides some dependent sick time, so he’s home with Alexander today.

While Jason and I aren’t sick sick, we’re both a little under the weather.  I can’t seem to shake this stupid cold that I’ve had since before Thanksgiving.  I’m not really sneezing anymore, but I have this gross post-nasal drip that’s giving me an awful cough, but really only at night.  Fun stuff.  Despite that, I’ve been trying to keep up my workouts.  I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15K at the end of January.  I kind of made up a training plan, which is like a hybrid of the Hal Higdon novice and intermediate plans.  I was supposed to do 6 x 400 today…


I did 4 x 400 instead and actually walked for the non-sprinting parts (I usually do a slower jog.)  I just didn’t feel well.  Or maybe it was in my head.  Damn weather.

If It Fits Your Macros

So I sort of got intrigued by the whole If It Fits Your Marcos style of eating.  The more I looked into it, the more I thought I should give it a shot.  The basic gist is this:  you find out how many grams of carbs, fat and protein you’re supposed to eat in a given day (there are calculators online that help you find the number based on your weight, your age, your activity level, etc) and then you try to eat a combination of food that meets those amounts.  What I like about it (in theory – I haven’t really done it) is that there’s no restriction.  I’ve contemplated the whole paleo thing or doing some sort of 21 day cleanse, but I really like coffee with creamer and stevia amongst other things.

So, this calculator that I used determined that I needed 111 grams of carbs, 62 grams of fat and 124 grams of protein in a given day, which adds up to just under 1500 calories.  The first thing I thought when I read up on this is, “isn’t this Weight Watchers?”  (Points Plus, not the new Smart Points.)  I mean, right?  Isn’t it?  Weight Watchers is just macros turned into points.  At least that’s what it looks like to me and I’ve done well on Weight Watchers.

I think that in order to eat this way, you pretty much have to plan out your entire day ahead of time.  Otherwise, there’s just no way.  I tried to do that for today but some sneaky foods got in there and I went over.  But there was a latke cart at work.  Seriously – who can resist a latke cart?!

Screen Shot 2015 12 07 at 9 03 08 PM

Screen Shot 2015 12 07 at 9 03 22 PM

Screen Shot 2015 12 07 at 9 03 32 PM

Is that an excessive amount of cholesterol?  I don’t know how to get in all the protein without it.  (Does it matter – I don’t have high cholesterol)  Anyway it’s sort of interesting and it’s like a puzzle.  If I didn’t eat the tru-whip, arctic zero (which let’s be honest, is gross) and cough drops, I would have been right under with carbs, a few grams high on fat and a few grams high on protein.  That said, I’m not going to get too obsessive about it all.  I just want my damn pants to fit again.


I’ve probably mentioned it ad nauseam, but somehow I’ve gained like 10 pounds in the past few months.  Okay, 10 is an exaggeration, but something like eight.  The most frustrating part of it all is that I really haven’t done anything different in those past few months.  Aside from train for a 10 mile race.  Yes, I am the weirdo that actually gains weight when I train for longer distance races.

I am really not happy with the way I look and the way my clothes fit and I’m formally (as formally as announcing it here is) recommitting to getting back to my goal weight which is 140.  I’m 5’7 for reference.  Now mind you, I haven’t been at my goal weight since before I got pregnant with Alexander but I was hovering around 148 for a while, pre-weight gain, and while it wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t upset there.

So here’s the million and one things that I’ve thought about to lose the weight:

1.  21 Day Sugar Detox (simliar to the Whole30)
2.  Counting calories a la My Fitness Pal.  I do this now but only sporadically.
3.  Advocare
4.  21 Day Fix
5.  If It Fits Your Macros type of eating

So I haven’t really come up with a plan for losing the weight yet, but one thing I know that I need to do is weigh myself regularly.  And I’ve been doing that with the Beets Blu bluetooth scale. This scale is really cool because it not only tracks your weight, but it also tracks your body fat and muscle mass.  And best of all, it sends all the info to your phone via bluetooth.  I love a good graph!

IMG 8261

I am ever so-slightly more muscle than fat, so I guess that’s good?

The scale is a tad on the pricey side but I really like the charting feature.  It makes it really easy to see progress (or lack there of).  So while I haven’t quite figure out how to lose this bothersome 15 lbs, I have at least admitted they’re there and acceptance is the first step, right?

Disclaimer:  Beets Blu provided me this scale for free in exchange for a review.

The Thanksgiving Sickness

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  Except that every year, I get sick.  This year was not an exception.  I started to feel bad last Monday and washed and washed my hands so maybe, just maybe, Alexander wouldn’t catch it.  A part of me thought, “well, it’s Monday and we’re not flying out until Thursday, so I’ll be better by then.”  That part was wrong.

Jason had to work and so it was just Alexander and me flying up to DC.  Flying alone with an almost 2-year old is not really what anyone would consider fun.  Flying alone with an almost 2-year old and a cold is worse.

Long story short, I was sick the entire time I was in DC and Alexander started to come down with it at the end of the trip.  We both made a trip to the doctor when we got back and now we’re both on Amoxicillan/Clav.  I don’t know what the Clav part means except that it gives you diarrhea.  At least it does for Alexander (and numerous others according to the pediatrician, the Minute Clinic and the interwebs).  Alexander has pink eye and an ear infection and I have a sinus infection.

That said, we did have a good time in DC.  I didn’t really take many pictures as I was too busy hacking up a lung.  I did, however, take some pictures of the Montgomery Mall food court.  Which no one will appreciate aside from my friend Emily, whom I’ve already texted these pictures to.


It looks so different!  Oh, the stories I could tell you about Montgomery Mall.  We’ll leave it at that.


It’s been A WEEK.  A lot of work-stress stuff.  Nothing too terrible aside from a lot of meetings and this one little lesson I learned which is if you are in charge of marketing automation, don’t put the wrong variable tag in an email.  DRAMA.  That doesn’t have to do with the meetings.  I just work at a meeting-happy place.

Food stuffs:  I bought this book, 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I’m just not feeling like myself.  I gained like 6-7 pounds in the beginning of fall and I don’t know why really and I can’t get rid of them.  So I thought maybe this would help get my eating habits in check.  It seems kind of similar to the Whole30, except that you can have full-fat dairy and there are several levels of the program, and on the easiest, you can have some carbs like quinoa and rice.  When I attempted the Whole30, I did it half-assed.  I’m really going to try this for 21 days and see what happens.  After Thanksgiving though.  I really would like Jason to do it with me, but that’s going to take some major convincing.

Workout stuffs:  I’m still kind of lost without a training plan.  I’ve been running sporadically.  I did 2.75 miles on Tuesday and 1.75 today.  I also did one strength workout that I found online that focused on back and biceps.  My friend Christina and I are thinking of doing two races together in the upcoming months.  The Hot Chocolate 15K in January and the Publix GA Half in March.  I like the distance of the 15K but I’ve heard the Hot Chocolate race is a cluster.  However, there is chocolate involved.  (Didn’t I just buy a sugar detox book?  Don’t answer that.)  And then the GA Half is almost a given if I’m doing long distance running that time of year.  I’ve done it 6 times in the past, I think.

Picture stuffs:


Lee aledx

Ugh, I feel like my face looks so puffy.  My kid is cute though.  And this is what happened shortly after.

Bad pic

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