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Weather Dog

We can always tell if it’s raining or going to rain because someone paces around the house or cowers in the corner.

Muprhy corner


So remember a couple of months ago when I did a half-ass version of the Whole 30 for two weeks?  Well, I didn’t lose any weight on it.  But then when I went back to eating normally, I gained like 6 lbs.  WTAF?  I’m really frustrated.  Every time I step on the scale, the number is higher.  I expected it to be after we went to the beach, but I stepped on the scale this morning and it was higher than the other day.  

I’m running more.  I’m trying to mostly log my food in My Fitness Pal.  I mean, I did eat a piece of cookie cake at work yesterday but I should be able to do that every now and again.  (Now that I think about it, I ate some candy too.  Hmm.)

I’m frustrated because I’m like 15 lbs away from my happy weight.  And 6 months ago, I was only 10 lbs away from it.  Or even less.  I need advice!  Advice beyond stop eating cookie cake and candy.

Also, if you still look at this blog through the In My Tummy URL, that’ll expire soon, I think, so please update any bookmarks or feed readers to

Myrtle Eats – Wicked Tuna

Our trip to Myrtle Beach is starting to feel like it was a really long time ago, so this is going to be my last Myrtle Eats post even though we did eat more.  One of our last nights at the beach brought us back to Murrels Inlet to Wicked Tuna. Wicked Tuna is right on the inlet and specializes in both seafood and sushi.


Jason’s brother and his wife were also in Myrtle Beach for the week and we all went to Wicked Tuna together.

Wickedtuna ladies

Wicked tuna men

During the last few days of our trip, Alexander got this rash all over his body.  It turned out to be a viral thing but we didn’t know that at the time and during this dinner I was sort of pre-occupied with his rash.


I went back and forth between ordering seafood or sushi and went with the grilled seafood platter.  It was good but my sister-in-law ordered sushi and I kind of wished I did too.  Next time.

We got a lot of good pictures by the water after dinner, even though our waiter (who offered to take the pics) apparently had no idea how to use a camera and cut my father-in-law out of half the pictures.

Minus tim

Fortunately, he sort of figured it out.


All in all, Wicked Tuna was good (albeit pricey) and the inlet is a great backdrop for photos.


Ever since I signed up for the Atlanta 10 Miler, I’ve been thinking about joining a local running group.  I joined a few on Facebook but I didn’t really feel like I jived with them, if that makes any sense.  (Okay really, the really local one meets at this gross restaurant that I hate after each run for breakfast and the second one wasn’t very active.)  But then I somehow found Moms Run This Town – Decatur.  Moms Run this Town is a nationwide free running group for…you guessed it, mom runners.

Decatur is about 15-20 minutes from my house and I like to pretend I live there.  I actually have lived there three different times in my life, but currently, I don’t.  I would love to, but it’s just not really in the cards right now. Maybe someday.

So it’s totally like me to sign up for a bunch of random facebook groups, what’s totally unlike me is actually going to their events.  I just thought it’d be a good way to meet other moms who are into running.  I was actually pretty nervous to go.  I’m not used to running with other people.  I usually just run alone, with my music.  My friend Joan and I used to run together a few years ago when we did a couple of half-marathons, but we used to listen to our own music during the run.  So, yeah, out of everything, the thing that made me the most nervous was not running with music.

The Facebook post said to meet at Dancing Goats Coffee shop in downtown Decatur at 8.


I was the first one there but after a couple of minutes, four other people showed up.  The group splits into two groups for the run – some do a run/walk interval and others just run.  Out of the five of us, two did the run/walk and the other three did the run.  I did the run.  The route was posted beforehand and it was roughly 3.75 miles.

We ran about an 10:30 mile the whole time and the two other ladies were really nice and easy to talk to.  I actually really enjoyed myself.  It was totally fine running without music and being with other people was very motivating in that I didn’t take a walk break every time I got the urge.


I actually had 5 miles on my training plan so after we finished, I did another 1.25 around Decatur before getting into my car and driving home.

This was totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m really glad I did it.  Now that the scary newness part has worn off, I think I might have found a new group to run with.

Myrtle Eats – Hot Fish Club

My favorite restaurant, by far, was Hot Fish Club in Murrels Inlet.  There was a wait at the restaurant itself, so we ended up sitting outside at the Gazebo bar, which was next door and right on the water.


We sat at a table, but they had all these Adirondack chairs out back that you could sit in too.


The bar was super casual, with a beer list on a chalkboard and wine served in plastic glasses.


Originally, the reason I wanted to go to this place was because of the crab.  Growing up in Maryland, blue crabs were the thing to do at the beach and though snow crab and dungeness crab aren’t the same thing, they are still pretty good.  I got the steamer sampler which was both types of crab plus steamed shrimp.


If you are in the Myrtle Beach area, I’d highly recommend going to the Gazebo at Hot Fish Club.  It might be my new happy place.


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