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This weekend was a good one.  Just the right amount of activity and relaxation.  Here’s what we did:

• Went to a three year old’s birthday party where I ate three slices of mediocre pizza and then got very annoyed at myself for doing that.  Do not go to child’s birthday party hungry.  Lesson learned?  Until next time, I suppose.

• Went for a 2 mile run.

• Cleaned the house.

• Had our neighbors over for turkey burgers, corn and beer.  I’ve probably mentioned this before, our neighbors have a son who is two weeks younger than Alexander.  We lived three doors down from one another for like four years without meeting and then we both had, “It’s a boy” balloons hanging from our mailboxes around the same time in winter of last year and we became fast friends.

• Read a little bit of my book.  I like Wally Lamb but sometimes I feel like his books have too many storylines.  They’re supposed to be somewhat related, but it’s a lot to… keep track of?  Probably doesn’t help that I haven’t been reading it regularly.

• Took a nap.

• Went to Stride Rite to get Alexander’s feet measured.  Then got annoyed at Stride Rite for not having any of the shoes I wanted for him in his size. Apparently the hard soled shoes, though they come in a size 3, aren’t very popular in that size and the store didn’t have any in stock.  I also returned something to Carter’s so it wasn’t a total loss.

Blooming tree

• Went for a 2 mile walk.  The weather was sort of deceiving.  It looked warm and springy out, but it was cold.  I’m cold now.  Probably because I never showered after my walk.

• Went to sleep before 10 pm.  That’s happened every other night this weekend.  But somehow it won’t when I need it best, which is tonight.


The Waiting

I spoke to our case manager today.  I think that’s her title.  Despite my incessant googling, I’m still completely uninitiated into the world of early intervention and therapy and developmental delays.  It’s not a world that I want to be initiated into really, but I guess that’s out of my hands now.  Anyway, apparently Alexander isn’t in the system yet (of course he’s not.  I only live in one of the most poorly-run counties in the metro area) but she knew that speech therapy was something we needed to pursue so we spoke a little bit about what times would work for us and maybe if she could find someone who would come out to Alexander’s daycare, despite it being in a different (less poorly-run) county.

The case worker mentioned that a speech therapist would cover both feeding and communication issues and when I asked about motor skills, that didn’t seem to be on her radar.  Maybe it’s just because he’s not in the system yet.  She asked if he sat up.  Yes.  She asked if he crawled.  Like a maniac.  She asked if he pulled up.  Especially to get to the DVD player.  She didn’t think that any of this indicated a motor delay, but the evaluation team seemed to so now I’m even more confused about just what services he is going to be receiving and if I’m getting him everything he needs and if this will fix it all.

Waiting has never been my strong suit.

Spring Saturday

After being sick with a stomach virus all last week, I did what any idiot would do yesterday.  I went to a chili festival.


I actually didn’t end up eating much chili.  Partially because of my stomach issue but mostly because they didn’t have much that wasn’t beef or pork based.  I did try two vegetarian chilis (one was good, one was terrible) and a few chicken chilis.  And wine in a can.

Wine can

While I wouldn’t define it as “ridiculously good,” it wasn’t terrible.  Alexander enjoyed some water.

Upside down cup

Should I tell him he’s doing it wrong?

Right side up cup

I didn’t take any pictures of the actual chili, but you know what chili looks like.  It was a nice day out and we had a really fun afternoon.


And then we went for a walk, had dinner, rented a movie and fell asleep before we could watch the movie.

Developmental Delays

In the past couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to tell the difference between intuition and worry.  For me, it’s a very blurred line.  I suffer from anxiety issues, so I worry about everything and it’s very hard for me to tell if my intuition is telling me something or it’s my anxiety.  When I got pregnant with Alexander, I was SURE that I was going to have another miscarriage.  I was SURE that when we went for our first ultrasound, there wasn’t going to be a heartbeat.  Obviously, I was wrong. So when I began to question things about Alexander’s development, the intuition vs. worry thing came up again.  I didn’t know whether to trust whether or not my fears were warranted or not, but my intuition did tell me to at least get it checked out.

Every state has an Early Intervention program.  The idea is that if you have a child with some sort of syndrome or issue (ie Down Syndrome and the like) or if they have been evaluated as having developmental delays, by getting them early intervention, you can sometimes help them catch up.  In order to qualify for the program, your child has to be evaluated by a team.  They test them in five areas. If they find (at least in GA, not sure how it works elsewhere) him to be severely delayed in one area or moderately delayed in two or more, they qualify for services.

Alexander qualified.

I kind of had it in my head that he wouldn’t.  I don’t know why considering I’m the one that voiced my concerns about his development and got the ball rolling on testing him.  They determined him to be severely delayed in feeding (I knew this), communication and motor skills.  The motor skills one surprised me.  Sure, he isn’t walking, but he’s still within the normal range for that.  He scored normally in personal/social and cognitive.  And if I’m being totally honest, the personal/social area (he’s friendly and smiley) didn’t surprise me but the normal cognition did.

So, now we wait and see what happens.  They’ll assign us to a case worker (that’s probably not even the right term – I’m new to this) and we’ll get therapy for him.  I don’t know how often or what kind even.  We have to wait a couple of weeks for all that.

This sucks.  It really fucking sucks.  I hate to be all, “Why me, why us?” but I can’t help it.  And what makes matters worse is that I just don’t know if there’s an underlying issue or not.  No one knows.  He’s been tested for all sorts of things but nothing comes back abnormal.  I feel like if he had some sort of diagnosis, I could process it, meet other mothers with kids that have the same diagnosis.  But we don’t know.  It’s just a big mystery but he is definitely delayed.

Valentine’s Day (Observed)

We didn’t do much on Valentine’s Day.  We went out to dinner with Alexander in tow which isn’t exactly romantic or even relaxing.  We don’t have any family in the area and don’t have any go-to babysitters (Laura, can I have your sister’s email address or number?  Seriously.)  so date nights are few and far in between.

However, Jason’s parents offered to watch Alexander last Saturday night so we could go out.  And by out, we stayed overnight in a hotel in Greenville, SC, which is about 45 minutes from his parents house.  Alexander came down with a little cold on Thursday and I was worried that the trip would be off, but we decided to risk it and go anyway.  He wasn’t feeling like himself at all, but started to feel better Friday night, so on Saturday morning, Jason and I took off.

Big truck

(Nice ride next to us, huh?  Keep in mind that we’re in an SUV so that’s one umm elevated truck.)

We got to Greenville around 1 and the first order of business was lunch.  Obviously.  Food is pretty much always the first order of business.  We went to the Trappe Door, a Belgian bar/restaurant that we’d been to once before and liked.  We had a beer and then split two orders of mussels – the provencale and the Vietnamese.  I liked both but preferred the Vietnamese.

Trappe door beer

Trappe door mussels

It came with a bunch of different mayos but none for me, thank you.  Bleh.

After lunch, we did some window shopping and just walked around for a while before escaping the cold for a drink at The Lazy Goat.


Wine lazy goat

We quickly learned that we were totally out of practice for the whole day drinking thing and went back to the hotel to take a nap.  While we were sleeping, someone knocked on our door and brought us a nice surprise.

Westin strawberries

We had casually mentioned to the front desk that we were just in town for a kid-free late Valentine’s Day and these chocolate covered strawberries and small champagne bottle appeared at our door!  How nice is that?  Plus also, my alarm didn’t go off and if this didn’t arrive, we probably would have slept through dinner.

For dinner, we made reservations at Soby’s which was right across the street from our hotel.  I had some sort of southern vegetable plate which was pretty good.  The kale was the star of the plate and I wished I had more.

Sobys vegetable plate

Our server mentioned some dessert special and we had to try it.  It was a brownie with cherry and vanilla ice cream with bananas, pineapples and whipped cream.

Sobys dessert

So basically all we did was eat all day.  And I’m sure I gained like 5 pounds, but it was worth it.

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