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Morning Run

If you knew me way back when… okay way back two or three years ago… running was this huge part of my life.  I’ve run one full marathon (which I hated), 10 half-marathons and a bunch of shorter races.  And then I had a difficult pregnancy.  And then I had a baby.  And then I lost my mojo.

It’s not easy to run when you have a kid and work a full-time job.  My options are as follows:

• Run at home before Alexander wakes up in the morning (we have a treadmill)
• Run at the gym during my lunch break 
• Run at home after work

And while that seems like I have a ton of options when I list it out, there are problems with all of them.

Running at home in the morning – in the morning is the problem.

Running at lunch – I do this most often.  It takes me about 10 minutes to drive to the gym, 5 minutes to change and I can only get a 30 minute workout in before I start to feel guilty about taking too long of a lunch break.  Plus I work at a pretty meeting-heavy job and my lunch break often isn’t a break and when it is, sometimes I need that time to just go shopping… I mean do errands.

Running at home after work – I don’t get home until almost 7.  Alexander needs to eat.  I need to eat.  I need to relax.

So yeah, I’m full of excuses.  And looking at my options, the best one is running in the morning and I’ve done that twice this week.  My friend Heather suggested putting my alarm on the other side of the room so I’ll have to walk over to it to shut it off and that seems to work pretty well.

I’ve never been a fast runner by any stretch of the imagination.  But I’ve built up endurance throughout the years.  The funny thing about endurance, though, it’s much, much easier to lose it.  And I’m somewhat humbled by how hard running has become now that I’m not doing it regularly.  If I had to, I could probably run 20 minutes straight and that’s it.  So I started doing the Couch 2 10K app.


Truth be told, I could have started on a higher week than Week 4, but I was already pushing myself by actually getting up, right?


Not Chick Fil-A

Last Saturday, these friends of ours, who we somehow haven’t seen in two years, had a party and we went.  They set up an inflatable movie screen in their backyard and we watched a movie.  There were tons of kids, a keg and tons of food, including some bbq and some Chick Fil-A nuggets.

There were a lot of things I thought I’d do as a mother. I pictured myself as this crunchy (yet stylish and also skinnier) mom that somehow could afford to buy all my food at Whole Foods and made sure my kid didn’t even know what a french fry was.  And most of all, I was adamant that we wouldn’t feed him fast food.  Yet here we are, I’m not that stylish or that skinny and my kid is super underweight.  And guess what he inhaled at that party?  Those damn Chick Fil-A nuggets.

I’m super liberal.  I avoid Chick Fil-A on principle.  Of course this is what Alexander’s new favorite food is.  Fast food with a side of conservative politics.  He’s my kid – he’s supposed to like kale and quinoa and Bernie Sanders.  (I should note – this party did have a quinoa salad).

So anyway, I thought, I can fix this.  I can make copycat nuggets at home.  No supporting Chick Fil-A, no instilling fast food habits.  So I googled a copycat recipe and Jason made it.

Copycat chickfila

It tasted nothing like Chick Fil-A.  And Alexander didn’t like it and refused them.  So Jason and I ended up eating a bunch of deep fried chicken for dinner last night.

This is supposed to be funny but seriously though, if you have kids, do you give them fast food?  How often?  And how do I get my kid to gain some weight?  And why don’t I have that problem myself?

Alexander vs the river

Last weekend we went up to Jason’s parents house in South Carolina and spent some time at Chau Ram Park, which is about 20 minutes from their house.  Our plan was to spend some time in the river.  However, someone was very suspicious of this plan.


Then he saw the river.

Chau ram

And put two and two together and was not having it.


What do you mean you want me to get in the water?!

But all was okay on dry land, especially when he realized he could feed shoes to Jason.

Feeding shoe

And apparently this river trip scarred him for life because now he doesn’t like the bathtub either.  Wonderful.  At least it was pretty.


How’s That Whole 30 Going?

The Whole 30 isn’t going that great, if I’m being honest.  I’ve “cheated” numerous times – mostly with coffee creamer and stevia, but once with pizza and ice cream.  Going out to eat is too hard and I like wine.

So I’m still sort of half-assed doing it and while I haven’t been exactly following the program, I have made some positive changes to my diet.  The first and foremost being that I haven’t had a Diet Coke in over 2 weeks.  Aside from the stevia, I haven’t really had any sugar at all and that’s been a really positive change.  Also, this program has really helped me stop eating off Alexander’s plate.

I find that I don’t miss dairy or grains as much as I thought I would but I do miss just being able to eat something quick and easy like a yogurt in the afternoon.  I’m also realizing that I don’t really need to snack as much as I was.  When your only snack options aren’t… snacky… the desire quickly fades.

As far as the negatives, well, I haven’t lost any weight.  Probably due to an over consumption of coconut and almond butters.  I don’t even like coconut butter.  But it’s just a pain mostly.  I’m sick of eggs in the morning but I don’t know what else to eat.  And also, I’m not losing any weight.  Did I say that before?

Have you ever done the Whole 30?  What did you think?

Why I Shop At A Specialty Running Shoe Store

Running shoes are fickle.  They’re not like regular shoes where they start out uncomfortable and then you break them in.  You don’t want running shoes to hurt ever (duh).  But sometimes they do.  I bought a pair of New Balance 880s from Big Peach, a local running shoe store, a couple of weeks back.  Looking at my purchasing history, they saw that I have tried both a neutral shoe and a stability shoe in the past.

I tried both styles on and went with the stability one.  And then I ran on the treadmill a few days later and my feet hurt.  It was a weird pain – on the outside of my foot.  I chalked it up to not running in a while (because that makes your feet sore in a specific spot?) but then I tried again a few days later and same deal.  Foot pain.

So last weekend, I went back to Big Peach with my shoes in a Target bag because of course I had thrown away both the box and the receipt.  They analyzed my gait and told me sometimes someone can go from being an overpronator to having a more neutral stride and I guess that’s what happened to me.  They said that I turn my feet outward when I run, but I don’t really overpronate.

After trying on like 5 pairs of neutral shoes and running with them on the store’s treadmill, I decided on some asics.  And they took back my used New Balances, no box, no receipt.


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