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Veggie Burgers Good and Bad

Though a homemade veggie burger always tastes better than the packaged kind, there are some packaged veggie burgers that I like.  Off the top of my head, I am a fan of:

• Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie Patties
• Morningstar Farms Mediterranean Chickpea Patties 
• Morningstar Farms Sausage Patties
• Morningstar Farms Chik’n Patties
• Boca Chik’n Patties
• Smartdogs

Yes, I know that these are like the fast food of the package veggie burger world with an ingredient list a mile long with all sorts of weird crap, but I like them and they’re easy.  I will often put one on top of a salad for some extra protein at lunch.

So, when I saw some new flavor of Boca burgers that advertised that they only had 2 Weight Watchers points (normally the sort of veggie burgers I buy have 4), I grabbed them.  I should have known better.

Yucky boca burger

This was quite possibly the worst veggie burger I’ve ever had or at least had in a long time.  Bleh.  No wonder they are only two points.  Two points of disgusting.

In order to remedy my bad veggie burger experience, I decided to go the homemade route and made Green Curry Veggie Burgers with Black Beans and Walnuts. Much more than two points each, but worth it.  I halved the recipe, which made four patties.  They were a little hard to cook because they were so soft and they broke apart very easily, but they were really tasty.

Green curry veggie burger

They’re not the prettiest thing, but neither is the pre-packaged kind.

Yucky boca burger2

What’s your favorite pre-packaged veggie burger?

Colorado Vacation: Day 1 Missing Our Flight and Denver

I’m back in Georgia after spending the past four days in various parts of Colorado.  It was a really fun trip, though it didn’t start out that way.  Our flight was scheduled to leave the airport at 11.  We were running a bit late and I thought that we might have to park at the airport instead of the cheaper parking lots that are around the airport.  That was my biggest concern until it was like 10:20 and we were still stuck in standstill traffic in Midtown.  Bumper to bumper on a Saturday morning.  Yup.  We needed to check our bags so there was no way that we were going to make it to the airport on time.  I ended up calling Delta and changing our flight.  They were able to put us on one that left 4 hours later.  Not ideal, but at least they had a flight, right?  Instead of going home, we stopped at Octane Coffee.

Octane latte

When we got to the airport, however, our luck turned around.  The only seats that they had available on our flight were first class so we got to sit there for free.  Score.

We finally got to our hotel around 6.  There was some sort of comic book convention going on, so the hotel was packed with people dressed in costume.  It was interesting.

My friend Eva, who I have been friends with since I was 9, moved to Colorado about a year ago.  She lives in Monument, about an hour south of Denver and drove up to our hotel to meet us for dinner.

We went to The Cheeky Monk for dinner, which was a Belgian bar.  I was enticed by the mussels and Jason liked the big beer list.

Cheeky monk mussels

Unfortunately, neither one of us was too impressed with the mussels.  The beer was good though.  And it was fun to see Eva.

Lee eva cheeky monk

We hung out there for a while, before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.  We were both pretty wiped from traveling all day.

More to come!

So Good

Though I’m no chef, I do cook a lot, usually picking out at least three new recipes a week to try.  The ones I like, you see here on this blog.  The ones I don’t, you usually don’t see.  And while the ones that you do see are good, every once in a while I’ll make something that is like OMG good.

Tofu chimichurri1

I know.  You have no idea what this is.

Tofu chimichurri2

I used this recipe for tempeh chimichurri but substituted tofu.  My tofu looks really dense because I pressed it in a tofu press for like 24 hours.  (Side note: I have tried and tried to like tempeh and just don’t.  I give up.  It’s bitter.)

I kind of wanted to bathe in this chimichurri.  It was so good.  The tofu took a long time to marinate, but it was worth it because it was really flavorful.  Plus, if you didn’t feel like waiting, you could always use the chimichurri on other stuff.  It’s not really evident in the pictures, but I put it on top of the broccoli too.  So good.  Though if you don’t like cilantro (sorry Margaret), you probably aren’t going to feel the same way I do about this stuff.

What’s the last REALLY good thing you’ve made?

Too Busy Sunday

This weekend was extremely busy.  It was busy in a good way, but damn, I’m tired.  I kind of hate it when I don’t get enough relaxing time on the weekends and I definitely didn’t this one.  Oh well.  I did manage to get outside for a nice 3 mile run on Sunday morning.  After that, we headed downtown to catch some of the free Big Dance concert series.

Centennial olympic park

Dave Matthews Band (and also Sting, who I didn’t really care about) was playing at night but because of a bunch of different factors, we didn’t go to those and just went for Blind Pilot and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Blind pilot big dance

Grace potter big dance

It ended up being a very wise move because I heard from some friends that stayed for Dave that it was a nightmare with way too many people.

I’m glad I didn’t go also because my childhood best friend’s older brother was in town for a wedding (a different wedding than my cousin – it’s definitely wedding season) and I met up with him for a drink.  I had seen him maybe once in the past ten years and really not much more since after high school, so it was fun to catch up.  I practically lived at their house from about age 9 to age 18.

So while Sunday really was a Funday, I didn’t really get anything productive done at all and it kind of started the week off on the wrong foot.  Nothing really that I can do about it now except turn it around and the best way that I know to do that is to make something healthy to eat.  (That sounds so cheesy, but I actually do feel like that.)

Better With Veggies

Last time Heather did her Meatless Monday from A-Z blog linkup, I didn’t participate because I’m really not so great at creating my own recipes. It was fun seeing what others made with the alphabetical ingredients, but I just didn’t feel like I could really come up with anything. I like to cook and can sometimes throw together something edible (okay maybe sometimes is a stretch), but recipe-creator I am not.  So I was really glad when Round Two included an option to cook someone else’s recipe with the featured ingredient.  Now that I can do.

I ended up making Creamy Cilantro Avocado Dressing.  I wish I had a pretty container like the Eating Well photo, but alas, you’ll have to see my [somewhat pretty] bowl.

Creamy cilantro avocado dressing

I was kind of nervous because my avocado wasn’t quite ripe, but it tasted just fine.  Eating Well suggested making a salad with romaine, black beans and grape tomatoes, so I gave it a go.

Creamy cilantro salad

Delicious.  It was sort of like a thin guacamole and super easy to make.  You can’t have the cilantro-hating gene though or you won’t like this.  I really did feel sort of better after I ate this.  Now I just need to tackle all those things that I didn’t get done yesterday – dishes, laundry, etc.  Or maybe I’ll just catch up on sleep instead.

Mmm mushrooms

I had originally intended to go to the gym last night, but I wasn’t feeling well so I just came home.  Though it was tempting to just throw together something random for dinner, I had made a general meal plan for the week and decided to stick to it.

Mushroom stroganoff

This Mushroom Stroganoff (on top of leftover couscous) was easy, very tasty and warming on my itchy throat.  Since Jason is normally asleep when I make dinner, he’s used to finding surprises in the fridge the next morning.

Funny text

Made me laugh!  I felt a lot better when I woke up.  Still stuffy and a bit sneezy but my throat didn’t hurt and I just didn’t feel so bad.  So I decided to do a quick lunchtime workout.  I really didn’t want to push myself because I’m doing a 10K on Saturday and I wanted to make sure I’m all better by then.  And also, I’m lazy.  So I ended up doing a random 20 minutes on the stepmill.   Better than nothing, right? I could have done a bit longer but something was calling my name.


It was cold and bitter out, I still didn’t feel great and the coffee at my work is gross, so obviously I had to cut my workout short so I could make a detour.  Priorities, people.  I’m hoping to do a real workout tomorrow.

Dinner was… you guessed it… leftover mushroom jello stroganoff! I had some leftover coconut milk that I didn’t know what to do with and my cousin Emily suggested that I use it to cook rice.  Boom.  Mushroom Stroganoff and coconut rice. Easy peasy.

Mushroom stroganoff2

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