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Postpartum Weight Loss

Yeah, I know, the subject that no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole.  Well, guess what?  Touch.

Though people could barely tell I was pregnant way into the third trimester, I actually did gain a little over 30 pounds with Alexander.  Sure, some of it was, you know, the baby and fluid and other stuff, but a lot of it was that I just let myself eat whatever I wanted.  I probably consumed more Wendy’s Frosties in those 9 (well, really more like 7 since you’re already 1 month pregnant when you find out and then I had him early) months than in my entire life.

I was in the hospital for 5 days after my c-section.  When I got home, I was really curious to how much I weighed.  By giving birth, I’d lost about 10-12 lbs.  I was satisfied with that.  I mean, losing 10 lbs in a week?  Considering the alarming fondness I’d developed for Lorna Doone cookies and apple juice in the hospital, I’d take it!  Seriously, does Northside Hospital have some sort of contract with Lorna Doone?  I don’t even know if I knew what a Lorna Doone cookie even was before I gave birth.

Everyone told me that I’d lose the rest of the weight easily with this magical weight loss thing called breastfeeding.  But yeah, that didn’t work out too well for me and here we are at almost six weeks postpartum and I haven’t lost any more than those first 10-12 lbs.


(I realized that some of these bottles are old and have BPA in them.  Cue a major freakout.  But I digress.)

I actually just signed up for Weight Watchers.  That has worked for me in the past because my issue has never really been what I eat, more so how much of it.  I need to relearn how to not eat like a pregnant woman.

Jason thinks I’m being too hard on myself.  I did have a baby not even six weeks ago.  And maybe I’m somewhat delusional but I sort of did expect to lose the baby weight by now, or at least most of it.  But I’m still wearing maternity jeans.  I know that the PC thing to write about would be something like, “I love my body because it just produced the greatest gift.” But I’d be lying.  It’s a struggle right now for me to feel okay with my postpartum body.

Now that I’ve gotten all serious and shit, I’ll leave you with a cute picture.  Although, I got to read maybe two pages of that book before he woke up and started crying.


How Weight Watchers is Going

It’s been a while since I mentioned Weight Watchers, hasn’t it?  So am I still doing it?  Is it working?  YES.  Both Jason and I started the program (the online version) right before Christmas and to this date, I’ve lost about 12 lbs and he’s lost 25.

This is a picture of us from last summer.


And here’s one from last weekend.

Lee jason wedding

I can mostly see a difference in Jason, but I can see it in my face too.  I think I look puffy in the top picture and not so puffy in the bottom one.  Perhaps this isn’t the best comparison picture because I’m wrapped up in a shawl, but it’s all I had that was recent and sort of a whole body picture.

I don’t like to say my weight on the blog for a couple of reasons.  One, I just don’t like to disclose the number but also, the number on the scale is so different for everyone.  I know that it’s hard for me when I hear a number that’s someone’s, “OMG, how did I let myself go?” number and that number for me would be like my goal weight.  So, not doing numbers here, but I will tell you that when I first signed up, I put my goal weight as XX5.  Then I later changed it to XX0.  And now, I’m pretty much at XX5.  If I don’t get to XX0, I’m totally fine with that.

When we first started going the program, those 26 points (Jason gets more) seemed like such a little amount.  But after a while, I really got used to it.  I go over my points by a few almost every day, but it’s still working.  And I’m not even that exact when I enter my food into their online counter.


Lunch was a salad and a few bites of Jason’s chow mein and a total guess.  But that’s been okay for me to guess and probably a lot times guess under the number because what this has really taught me is how to stop snacking.  I always wondered why I couldn’t lose weight and that’s why!  The snacking really, really adds up.  I used to cook dinner and eat a quarter tub of hummus while I was cooking.  Nipped that and the other mindless snacking in the bud and it seemed like the extra weight came off easily.

My pants are getting a little big.  My shirts seem to all fit fine, but my pants are doing that saggy butt, poopy-pants thing by the end of the day.  I did however, fit into my skinny jeans!  These are actually bootcut jeans and probably not even in style anymore but I remember buying them for my 29th birthday and they were the first pair of designer jeans I’d ever bought.  For a couple of years, while I could still get them on, I couldn’t really breathe in them, so to the bottom of my drawer they went.  But now they fit!  Too bad boot cut jeans aren’t really as popular right now.  Oh well, wearing them anyway.

I do have one sort of secret weapon.  In addition to snacking while I cook, I used to be pretty bad about after-dinner snacking too.  Now, I’ll sometimes have a dessert and if I want more (or if I’m not having a dessert that day), I’ll have a cup of decaf coffee.


It calms my raging sweet tooth and sort of signals that eating is over for the night.  So that’s how Weight Watchers is going.  My question now is do I stop and just try to use the tools that I’ve learned for the past four months or do I keep paying for it?

Ebb and Flow

When it comes to diet and exercise, I’m generally really healthy during the week and then on the weekends, all hell breaks loose. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but like most people, my consumption of the not-so healthy stuff definitely goes up on the weekends.

We’ve had a busy month. Between our trip to Naples and our trip to Columbia (especially our trip to Columbia), there’s been some over indulgence. And while a big part of me feels guilty for that, I have to keep reminding myself that healthy living and weight loss is an ebb and flow. I can’t always eat perfectly. And to lose weight, I really don’t even have to.

I’ve lost about ten pounds since I started Weight Watchers in mid December. While ten pounds in three months isn’t exactly awe-inspiring, I only had about 15 that I wanted to lose, so it’s pretty good, I think. And while I feel like I’m constantly sabotaging myself on the weekends, I have to remember that it’s still working. I can still over indulge a little bit at times if I reign it in other times.

This past weekend was excessive, but it was St. Patrick’s Day, we were with a bunch of Jason’s old friends and it was fun. So instead of beating myself up for having too many drinks and too many fries, I’m just trying to remember that there are ups and downs when it comes to weight loss.  I’m not going to always just lose, lose, lose.

It was a rainy gross day, but I found myself driving to LA Fitness anyway for a 3 mile run.  Some might have called it stupid since there were tornado warnings, but I call it healthy.  And it was either that or drive home, so technically the gym is taking shelter.

Afterward, I stopped at Trader Joe’s because our fridge is pretty bare. Can’t make healthy choices if you don’t have them in the house, right?

Trader joes1

Trader joes2

That’s better though those Svelte sandwiches tasted weird and freezer burnt.

What Does 26 Points Look Like?

When I first started Weight Watchers, I had a vague concept of how many points were in certain things.  Some of the blogs and cooking websites that I read give the point value for their recipes and some pre-packaged items have it printed on the label.  So, though I did sort of know, I didn’t really ever think about how to put together an entire day’s worth of food and have it fit into my allotted point value.  That’s really what this diet has taught me more than anything.  If I go out for lunch, maybe I should skip the rice at dinner.  If I have an afternoon snack, maybe I could skip dessert.  That’s not to say that there aren’t days that end up being both not either or, but it’s given me a greater understanding of how it works together, if that makes sense.

I get 26 points a day.  In addition, I get 49 extra weekly points that I can use throughout the week however I see fit.  Everyone gets a different amount of daily points based on what they weigh and also their height, I think, but everyone gets 49 extra points.  You can also track activity and get activity points, but honestly, I try not to eat into those and really it’s not hard.

Most days, I actually do go over 26.  I’d say on average, I probably eat 28 points a day and then more on the weekends, taking from the extra weekly points.  My weigh-in day is Sunday.  This is good and bad.  Bad because the number on the scale does tend to be a bit higher after a Saturday evening.  But good because it allows me to save up my extra points for that bigger Saturday meal.  I figure if I’m seeing a downward trend, the actual number doesn’t really matter.

Here’s a day where I did manage to only eat 26 points.  I thought it would be interesting (or not) to show what that looks like.  There are lots of estimations here.  I do use a food scale for a few things – peanut butter, hummus, soy creamer – but with things I’ve cooked, I just estimate.  Seems to be working fine.

Green smoothie

Green Smoothie (6 points).  Fruits and veggies are weird.  They are no points if you eat them on their own, but if you figure out the nutritional information for a recipe that’s mostly comprised of fruits and veggies, it calculates the point values from that, giving them points.  This smoothie was a little too green.  I know people say you can’t taste the green, but I could.  It was very earthy.


Coffee with soy creamer (1 point).  The point is for the creamer.  You can have two servings for one point.  I actually do measure this out because it’s very easy to add a lot and you don’t even really need it.  Also, this is why I don’t like drinking smoothies in the morning.  Hot coffee with a cold smoothie?  It just doesn’t jive.


Grapefruit (0 points).

Bean chili

Forks Over Knives Bean Chili (5 points).

Atlanta fresh yogurt

The best yogurt EVER (4 points).

Fiber one

Junky snack because the best yogurt EVER was not the most filling yogurt EVER (2 points).

Lemon tofu potatoes

Lemon-djion tofu and potatoes atop a bed of kale (8 points).  That’s my latest thing, putting things on top of steamed kale.  Volume, people, I need volume.

So that’s what 26 points actually looks like in terms of food and serving size.  Sometimes it’s enough, sometimes it’s not, but that’s what it looks like.

The Difference

In hindsight this was sort of stupid, but when I signed up for Weight Watchers, I didn’t weigh myself.  I had been to the doctor (side note: I don’t know how much having a baby costs, but NOT having one is going to cost me about $1300 and that’s with insurance covering a large chunk of it.  Lovely.  Serious salt in the wound, right?)  a few days earlier and I just used that weight.  That was dumb because I was weighed in the middle of the day with my clothes, including shoes, on.  I think I rationalized that number being higher because of those reasons and I didn’t want to step on my home scale and see that same number.  So, I don’t know how much weight I’ve actually lost in the past almost two weeks.  I’m estimating that the number that I saw at the doctor was about 2 lbs higher than normal, maybe 3 and I am down 2 lbs from that, 5 lbs from the original number.  See, dumb, right?

I’ve really made an effort to count every single thing that I’ve eaten and whereas my meals have basically stayed the same as they were before, I’ve made a huge cut back in my snacking.  Seeing how it added up was a major wake up call for me.  I was always pretty frustrated because I felt like I ate pretty healthy and I couldn’t lose weight but now I totally see why.  I thought it would be interesting to compare everything that I’ve been eating since joining Weight Watchers with what I would have eaten before.


Breakfast burrito

This was a breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee.  It’s pretty much exactly what I would have eaten before.

Morning snack:


Grapefruit.  Before, I would have had something carby, like some sort of granola bar probably, maybe yogurt.


Barley salad

Jelly beans

Looks ugly, I know.  This was this barley salad that I’d make earlier in the week (recipe came from the PDQ vegetarian cookbook) over some spinach with a tiny bit of Annie’s Green Goddess dressing.  Afterward, I had a small amount of jelly beans.   Like breakfast, this is very similar to a lunch I would have had before.

Afternoon snack:

Fage cherry

I know the container says it’s pronouced “fay-eh” but I still say fage like rhymes with age in my head.  Again, similar to what I would have eaten before.

So that was the work day.  Really the only big difference is that I had fruit in the morning instead of a more carby snack.  The real changes begin when I get home from work.  I got into the habit of snacking either as soon as I got home or while I was making dinner.  I would eat maybe some spoonfuls of leftovers or some crackers or something like that.  It didn’t seem like a lot but I was probably adding a good 200+ calories to my meal, maybe more.


Fish dinner

This is an awful picture, but this is Trader Joe’s frozen Hake en Papillote with roasted broccoli and about 1/3 of a russet potato, also roasted.  This was the first time that I bought this particular fish and was unimpressed with how little fish was actually in the package.  It was mostly veggies and a sauce, both of which were good but the piece of fish was tiny.

I would have made a similar dinner before.  However, I probably would have gone back for seconds.  It’s really true that your body doesn’t register fullness for a while.  I am always still hungry when I finish eating, but lately, I’ve been ignoring the feeling and it goes away after a while.  I did, however, have a dessert.

Frozen yogurt wheels

Don’t let the “greek frozen yogurt” label trick you into thinking these are any different than Skinny Cows.  Again, a similar dessert that I would have had before.  After dessert, I played on the computer, talked to my brother and watched tv for a few hours before I went to bed.  In the past, I definitely would have been munching again, maybe on some cereal, but I fought the urge.

This was a total of 28 points, by the way.  I actually only get 26, but I’ve been fine going over by a few points each day.  They give you extra weekly points that you can use like that or you can kind of bank for a special meal.  I’ve been doing a combination of both.

It’s been very eye-opening to see that the incessant snacking was what was holding me back.  Now, I guess I could just not do that and not pay for Weight Watchers, but it’s been helpful in keeping me accountable for everything.  I think this program is going to work.  I am hoping to be back in my skinny jeans (which fit, but they are a little snug) in about a month.  Then hopefully we’ll try the baby thing again and they’ll be too small for a different reason.

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