Workout and Meal Recap

I decided to sort of document what I’ve done in terms of workouts and meals (well, dinners) each week to prove to myself that I actually haven’t turned into the world’s biggest sloth.

Monday –  Lunchtime gym workout.  I did a Kayla Itsines arms & abs workout.  There were a lot of burpees.  Actually, maybe I did this at home in the morning?  I can’t remember anymore.  All I know is that I wrote down arms & abs (burpees).  For dinner, Jason made a vegetarian chili with soy crumbles.  Even though I will eat ground turkey or chicken now, sometimes I get a little meated out and want something that’s not [real] meat.


Tuesday – Lunchtime run.  I’ve been doing the Couch to 10K program.  I did Week 4, Day 3, which sounds like I’m actually following through with something, but really I start over on Week 4, Day 1 all the freakin’ time.  Dinner was leftover chili.

Wednesday – More Kayla Itsines at lunch.  This workout was abs and cardio.  The cardio was stuff like…burpees.  So many burpees.  And snap jumps.  Which are kind of the same thing as burpees.  This workout felt easier than Monday’s though.   I forgot a towel and couldn’t shower afterward.  Sorry, co-workers.  Dinner was kind of a cluster because it was supposed to be enchilada rice, but when I picked up Alexander from daycare, I found out that he decided to skip his nap.  A 19 month old cannot function properly without a nap. Hell, I can barely function properly without one.  He was a fussy mess when we got home and refused to eat much of anything because he was too busy screaming, so I ate some of his mac and cheese and some salad.  And then later I ate an ice cream sandwich and half a Clif bar that’s been in the cabinet for 6 months.  Umm yeah.

Thursday – I actually got up early to run.  I recently changed my work hours from 9-6 to 8:30-5:30 so running in the morning now means that I have to get up an extra half hour earlier than I was having to get up before.  I hate it, but it does make me feel sort of badass after.  I did C210K, Week 5, Day 1 which was basically 5 minute run, 3 minute walk intervals.  Dinner was the enchilada rice which I tried to make healthier by adding less cheese and no olives.  No olives really because I only had whole olives and didn’t feel like cutting them, but it does cut down on the calories too.

Enchilada rice

Too Hot for BBQ

Earlier this week, Jason and I bought tickets for the Decatur Blues, Bluegrass and BBQ Festival.  I’m not big into BBQ but I thought it sounded fun.  It was in Oakhurst, an area of Decatur that I like.  I could have sworn the website said it was in a park, but when we got there, we realized it was in a lot.

Bbq fest

They had some fake grass in the middle of the lot where people had blankets and camping chairs.  A few of the bigger Atlanta BBQ places (Fox Bros., Williamson Bros. and Sweet Auburn, I believe) were selling food but there weren’t a ton of different restaurants represented.

We found a spot on the “grass” and tried to hang out for a while, but it was just so hot out with no shade cover.  Plus, corralling a toddler in a parking lot is very different than letting one run around in an actual park.

Alex dog

(He loves dogs.  We do not know these people.)

Jason ended up getting a sandwich from Fox Bros, while Alexander and I shared a King of Pops popsicle.


After maybe 45 minutes, I couldn’t take the heat and we went home.  Alexander was starting to look a little pink, despite being slathered with sunscreen and it was just too hot for BBQ.

On the Menu (Last week)

I actually make meal plans every Saturday and choose at least three recipes to make for the upcoming week, though you’d never know it by reading here.  The whole process of taking out my camera (especially my big camera), taking a million pictures in my house that has terrible natural light, finding the camera cord, transferring them to my computer (which is constantly giving me a message that my startup disk is full because of too many pictures), editing them in Photoshop and then post them here, well, yeah.  Once upon a time I had time for that.  You know, almost 19 months ago.

But we do actually cook a lot and I thought it’d be nice to do a weekly recap of some of the things we made.  No pics.   At least not this week.

When I follow a recipe, I find that it falls into one of four categories:

1.  This is terrible.  I cannot even eat this.
2.  I’ll eat it but the leftovers will probably sit in the fridge until they get moldy.
3.  This is good.  I’ll eat the leftovers the next day for sure. 
4.  This is amazing.  I need to stop eating before there are no leftovers.

And in order to be nice because these are recipes that I find on various blogs, if I didn’t like the recipe, I’m not going to link to it.

So, this is what we had last week.

• Zucchini Noodles with spicy turkey sausage and cherry tomato sauce.   Probably like a year ago I bought this cheapie spiralizer on amazon and it did the job well enough but it wasn’t great.  So I broke down and bought the mac daddy one and it made a huge, huge difference.  So if you’re thinking of buying a spiralizer, the $35 one is so worth it.

Anyway, the recipe.  On my scale, I’d say this was a 2.5. We did eat the leftovers, but the entire meal was kind of blah.  Alexander liked the zoodles though.

• Curry tofu tacos with kidney beans and kale salad.  Again, a 2.5.  This wasn’t bad but I don’t think I’d make it again.  I actually didn’t serve it as tacos, it was just curry tofu, kidney beans and kale salad.  This made a lot.

Baked Chicken Parmesan. This was a solid 3.  Jason actually made it so I didn’t have to do anything, which added to the appeal, I think.  He really liked it too and said it tasted like a restaurant meal.

Morning Run

If you knew me way back when… okay way back two or three years ago… running was this huge part of my life.  I’ve run one full marathon (which I hated), 10 half-marathons and a bunch of shorter races.  And then I had a difficult pregnancy.  And then I had a baby.  And then I lost my mojo.

It’s not easy to run when you have a kid and work a full-time job.  My options are as follows:

• Run at home before Alexander wakes up in the morning (we have a treadmill)
• Run at the gym during my lunch break 
• Run at home after work

And while that seems like I have a ton of options when I list it out, there are problems with all of them.

Running at home in the morning – in the morning is the problem.

Running at lunch – I do this most often.  It takes me about 10 minutes to drive to the gym, 5 minutes to change and I can only get a 30 minute workout in before I start to feel guilty about taking too long of a lunch break.  Plus I work at a pretty meeting-heavy job and my lunch break often isn’t a break and when it is, sometimes I need that time to just go shopping… I mean do errands.

Running at home after work – I don’t get home until almost 7.  Alexander needs to eat.  I need to eat.  I need to relax.

So yeah, I’m full of excuses.  And looking at my options, the best one is running in the morning and I’ve done that twice this week.  My friend Heather suggested putting my alarm on the other side of the room so I’ll have to walk over to it to shut it off and that seems to work pretty well.

I’ve never been a fast runner by any stretch of the imagination.  But I’ve built up endurance throughout the years.  The funny thing about endurance, though, it’s much, much easier to lose it.  And I’m somewhat humbled by how hard running has become now that I’m not doing it regularly.  If I had to, I could probably run 20 minutes straight and that’s it.  So I started doing the Couch 2 10K app.


Truth be told, I could have started on a higher week than Week 4, but I was already pushing myself by actually getting up, right?


Not Chick Fil-A

Last Saturday, these friends of ours, who we somehow haven’t seen in two years, had a party and we went.  They set up an inflatable movie screen in their backyard and we watched a movie.  There were tons of kids, a keg and tons of food, including some bbq and some Chick Fil-A nuggets.

There were a lot of things I thought I’d do as a mother. I pictured myself as this crunchy (yet stylish and also skinnier) mom that somehow could afford to buy all my food at Whole Foods and made sure my kid didn’t even know what a french fry was.  And most of all, I was adamant that we wouldn’t feed him fast food.  Yet here we are, I’m not that stylish or that skinny and my kid is super underweight.  And guess what he inhaled at that party?  Those damn Chick Fil-A nuggets.

I’m super liberal.  I avoid Chick Fil-A on principle.  Of course this is what Alexander’s new favorite food is.  Fast food with a side of conservative politics.  He’s my kid – he’s supposed to like kale and quinoa and Bernie Sanders.  (I should note – this party did have a quinoa salad).

So anyway, I thought, I can fix this.  I can make copycat nuggets at home.  No supporting Chick Fil-A, no instilling fast food habits.  So I googled a copycat recipe and Jason made it.

Copycat chickfila

It tasted nothing like Chick Fil-A.  And Alexander didn’t like it and refused them.  So Jason and I ended up eating a bunch of deep fried chicken for dinner last night.

This is supposed to be funny but seriously though, if you have kids, do you give them fast food?  How often?  And how do I get my kid to gain some weight?  And why don’t I have that problem myself?

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