Alexander’s Eating!

One thing that Alexander has really struggled with is transitioning to solid foods.  We did the typical baby purees and he was fine with those but when it came to things that he actually needed to chew, he always put the food into his mouth and spit it right back out.  And it wasn’t like he didn’t want it or like the taste of it, it was more like he didn’t understand that he was supposed to chew it.

At first it wasn’t that big of a deal, but then he kept getting older and older and was still eating baby food. I knew one day he’d figure it out, but I didn’t know when that one day would be.  Well, the day has finally come.

Daycare sheet

Those forms never used to say “all” when a solid food was written down.  They’d say “tried” or “some” at most, but then there was always a puree written down too.


Alexander eating

Don’t get too excited at that last picture; he’s mostly just eating ketchup.

I think there were three factors that led to him finally getting it.

1.  We decreased the amount of milk that he got on a daily basis.  I had asked my pediatrician if we were giving Alexander too much milk at his 1 year appointment and he said no, but as I started thinking about it, I realized that maybe he just wasn’t hungry enough for food.  He went from about 24 oz of milk a day to about 16.  He’s also drinking soy milk instead of whole milk now but that’s a totally different story.

2.  I took away his bottles.  Cold turkey.  Alexander only drinks from a cup now – either a sippy or a straw.  For a long time, he was totally fine drinking water out of a cup but freaked out if milk was in there.  So every time I tried it, he’d scream and thrash around and I’d transfer the milk to the bottle.  It’s hard with a baby who’s very small for his age because you want them to get all the calories possible.  So anyway, I guess he caught on to the fact that if he threw a fit, the milk would go in the bottle.  Then one day it didn’t.  And he freaked out.  But I decided if he didn’t get as much milk that day or the following day or however long it would take to get him to drink out of the cup, so be it.  And it worked.  A day later he was drinking out of a sippy cup like it was nothing.  I’m not sure how this led to him eating better, but somehow it did.

3.  He just figured it out himself.  It took longer than it probably should have, but he figured it out himself.  And now he loves to eat.

New Blog

Maybe you noticed that I have a new header image.  And a new URL.  Or maybe you didn’t because my posts aren’t showing up in your feed reader anymore and you thought that maybe I just stopped blogging but really I’m just bad at planning and didn’t tell anyone I was changing my URL until after I did.

So, yeah, life updated.  I went through a bunch of possible blog names.  I really liked One Foot in Front of the Other but Jason thought it sounded 12 step-y and also that’s a hell of a long URL.  Then I liked Spinning Madly On which is a bastardization of a song lyric (The World Spins Madly On by The Weepies) but then that sounded like a blog about spinning so that was out.  I went through a bunch of possible names, including just using my full name as the URL but then really do I want everyone who ever googles me to find that?  So I settled on Life. Updated.  Except I probably meant Life.  Documented.  But I already bought the lifeupdated URL, which is .net, not .com.  Beggars can’t be choosers.

I miss blogging.  I just felt like In My Tummy wasn’t me anymore.  First of all, tummy?  That’s like one of those words that makes people cringe.  Like moist, but maybe not quite as bad.  It just sounds dumb and whenever I told people that had a blog, I’d have to preface it with, “It has a dumb name…”

So there’s the story.


My site has moved!  Please update your bookmarks and feed readers to


Just a test, but here’s a pic.


Stone Mountain Hike

After being out of town for the past three weekends, I was really looking forward to having a weekend with no obligations, aside from a much-needed haircut.  About a month ago, Jason purchased a Groupon for a yearly pass to Stone Mountain Park, which is, unsurprisingly, a park with a big mountain made of stone in the middle.  I guess it’s actually some sort of confederate memorial, but I usually ignore that part and just think of it as a fun park with lots of hikes and things to do.  And you can walk straight up the mountain if you want, which is what we did on Saturday.

But first, we saw some mustangs.  If you don’t know, Jason is OBSESSED with mustangs.  If he sees one on the road, he’ll immediately stop talking about whatever he’s talking about and mention it.  So, much to his delight, he found out that there was some sort of mustang car show at Stone Mountain yesterday too.


I played wife of the year and pretended to be interested for an hour.  Okay, really, I played on my phone, but I did walk around and didn’t pressure him to leave.  I figured I owed it to him after years and years of dragging him to vegan restaurants and such. After we saw what seemed like every mustang in the state, we headed over to the mountain.

Alex back

Jason offered to carry Alexander on his back, but I kind of wanted to see how hard it would be and I wanted the extra calorie burn, so I did it.


I think it’s a mile to the top and while that doesn’t seem like very much, parts of it are pretty steep and I’m sure the added weight made it harder.  But we made it!

Mountain top

IMG 2403

I was kind of hoping that I’d be sore today.  You know, the kind of sore that feels good even though it hurts because you know you worked out some muscles you haven’t used in a while?  I’m not.  Which just means we’ll have to go faster next time.

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