1/12 – Eleanor & Park

So, doing well on my read 12 books this year resolution.  Probably because I actually like to read, but I just never seem to find the time to tear myself away from instagram or whatever to do it.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 at 7 07 10 AM

For the first book, I read Eleanor & Park.  I’m not sure if this is considered YA or not, but probably.  However, I’m not above reading YA.  I liked The Fault in Our Stars and I generally like reading about teenagers so I figured I’d like this book.  Eh, not so much.

I mean, it wasn’t bad and it was definitely an easy read but there were a few things that bothered me.

1.  I felt anxious the whole time.  I guess because Eleanor was constantly worried about her stepfather, so I was constantly worried for her.

2.  The infatuation seemed unnatural and way too melodramatic.  I get high school love and all (actually, not really because I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school) but the whole, I can’t be without you schtick seemed far-fetched.

3.  Eleanor kept referring to how they all lived in this crappy part of town but I felt like that wasn’t reflected in the story very well.  Like why keep referring to it if you don’t elaborate?

4.  I suck at book reviews.

Day Two

I’m not sure what exactly I’ve done to make this an official Day Two of some sort of weight-loss challenge but in my mind it is, so there you go.  I’ve been messing around with counting macros for the past few weeks and though I haven’t exactly been strict with it by any means, I’ve sort of figured out how to get it to all add up pretty well.  Protein, you just make sure you eat a shit-ton of protein essentially.

Screen Shot 2016 01 05 at 7 15 41 AM

I basically eat one of two things for breakfast on a regular basis – an egg sandwich or yogurt.  I eat a lot of salads with tuna and Opa Feta Dill dressing (which is the bomb!  Do people still say that?) for lunch.  I plan my dinner and then fill in the missing macro gaps with snacks.  The extra carbs yesterday were from some Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies which somehow found their way into my mouth.  Stupid bunnies.

I also signed up for DietBet with some people that are on a mom’s message board that I’m part of.  I did DietBet before but lost my money because I didn’t actually make any changes to lose the weight.  Umm oops.  Lesson learned.  It doesn’t just come off from paying $10.


For the full-length pic, they accept a scary-angled selfie, apparently.

I’ve also been alternating Fitness Blender videos, which a co-worker told me about, with running.


I actually feel pretty motivated and I think that a huge part of that is Jason is motivated to be healthier.  It’s so much easier when you’re in this together.

6 for 2016

I like resolutions.  I’m one of those people.  So, here’s my six for sixteen.  Because I don’t like resolutions enough to create sixteen of them.

1.  Keep the house cleaner

I think this resolution tops my list year after year.  Both Jason and I are messy.  There’s no doubt about that.  It’s just really, really hard for me to keep the house clean.  Is there some sort of gene that people have that make them want to wipe down the counters after putting away the dishes?  Because I don’t have that gene.  (I do, however, do the dishes a lot.)  Same with vacuuming.  The thing is, the messy house bothers me.  But it’s like I can’t physically clean it.  I need tips.  How does a person keep their house clean on a regular basis?  Especially a person with a toddler and a dog that sheds a ton?

2.  Lose 15 lbs

So cliche to have a weight-loss resolution, but it’s really hard to lose weight in December.  I’m just really unhappy with the way I look right now.  ‘Nuff said.

3.  Read a book a month

I really love to read, but I don’t do it very often.  I could blame it on having a small child, but truth of the matter is that I somehow find a ton of time to mess around online.  So the time is there.  I just need to do it.  What should January’s book be?

4.  Become certified in Pardot and possibly Google Analytics and Adwords

Boring work goal that no one wants to read about.

5.  Put away the phones at dinner time

I read that this was someone else’s 2015 resolution and it seemed like a good one to me.

6.  I’m having trouble thinking of a sixth so we’ll just go with keep the house cleaner again.

Post Christmas Run

We went to Jason’s parents house for Christmas.  We were there from Wednesday through Sunday.  It was unseasonably warm, but rainy.  The kind of weather that makes you want to take a nap not go for a run.  Who am I kidding?  All weather makes me want to take a nap.  I’ve legit looked up mild narcolepsy before to see if it applied to me.  #hypochondriac.  Anyway, so yeah, I brought my workout stuff but then it was rainy and the bed was comfy and I didn’t run.

Until I did.

I was not raining on Saturday morning, so I drove over to the Clemson campus, about ten minutes away.  I kind of drove around for a while, trying to plan a route around campus.  The run itself was fairly uneventful and quiet.  There were a couple other runners out, but not many people in general.  I ran pretty slow and took some walk breaks, but ended up doing seven miles around campus.  I had to do some back and forth stuff at the end to get it up to seven.

Clemson run

Sweaty clemson

After the first three miles, it went by really quickly.  And then I ate a pound of cake.

5 out of 6

Alexander was sick all week.  I stayed home a half day with him on Tuesday.  I thought he was okay on Wednesday but then daycare called around 3:30 and I had to pick him up and then Jason stayed home with him on Thursday and Friday.  His fever finally went away on Saturday and aside from an incredibly snotty nose, he’s fine now.

I had intended to work out six times this week – 3 runs and 3 strength workouts.  I got five out of six done.  Given the circumstance, not bad, not bad.  I skipped one of the strength workouts.  I really, really want to keep them up because I know that my body responds better to weights than it does to straight up running.

Also, five out of six miles run today.  I was supposed to do a long run of six miles but I just pooped out at five.


Next week will be better.  I mean, I’m only working 2 days, so it will be regardless of my workouts!

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