A Sunscreen Review

I put sunscreen on Alexander every morning.  I’ve been using Babyganics, but truth be told, I sort of hate it.  It’s very, very thick and gets all over everything.  So when Block Island Suncare offered me a chance to try out their sunscreen, I jumped at it.

Block island

Here’s how it compared to Babyganics:

1.  Ease of use – Block Island was much thinner and rubbed into Alexander’s skin very well.

2.  EWG (Environmental Working Group) Score – Block Island got a 1 which is the best score (out of 10).  Babyganics got a 2, which is still very good, but not a 1.

3.  Price – Block Island is $19.99 for a 3.4 oz bottle.  Babyganics is around $12-$13 for a 6 oz bottle.

4.  Availability – Block Island is pretty much only available online.  Babyganics is available at most drugstores, grocery stores, Target, etc.

I really liked Block Island Suncare.  If it were more widely available and a tad cheaper, I’d use it no questions asked.

Disclaimer:  Block Island Suncare sent me a bottle of sunscreen at no charge in exchange for a review.


Trying Out Blue Apron

I actually enjoy grocery shopping.  Let me rephrase that.  I enjoy grocery shopping when I’m alone or when Jason is with me to wrangle an almost-toddler who wants to do nothing more than turn around in the grocery cart to get to all the groceries are and throw them on the ground.  But what I don’t enjoy (other than that) is meal-planning.  I have a ton of recipes pinned and I do make a good bit of them, but I never really know how to put things together to create a well-rounded meal.  We often have just an entree.  Sometimes a side veggie if we’re lucky.  But a starch too?  Ha.

So for that reason, Blue Apron appealed to me.  I asked some friends’ opinions of it on Facebook and there were mixed reviews.  The most common was that the food was really good but it took a long time to cook.  I was still on the fence until Brittany offered to send me a coupon code for a free week of food.  Sold.

The food arrived on Friday afternoon in a box cardboard box with some ice to keep it chilled.  I opted out of receiving beef or pork but everything else was fair game.  They sent me the ingredients for miso-roasted chicken with spring peas and jasmine rice, seared salmon and preserved lemon with red quinoa and pea shoots and spring pea gnocchi with parmesan and garlic scape sauce.

There were a couple of issues.  I didn’t see any rice, I was missing some peas and I had a random bag of Chinese spinach.  But mostly my issues were timing-based. My mom was visiting and I just didn’t get around to cooking until later in the week.

First up was the gnocchi.  This was fairly easy to cook and not very time consuming.


I liked this well enough.  Jason said it tasted “too fresh” meaning that the peas weren’t cooked enough.

Next up was the chicken.  This was not a quick meal.  I don’t even really know why, but it wasn’t.  Fortunately, I made it over the weekend so I had some time.  I just used rice that I already had in the house.

Chicken miso

More peas.  I thought this was okay, but the miso was really salty.  Too salty.

And I never did get to the salmon.

I liked the meal ideas and I liked not having to buy a whole package of an ingredient when I only needed a little bit.  At first, I thought the portions looked really small, but they ended up being fine.

However, I don’t see me doing this on a weekly basis.  It’s pretty expensive, it doesn’t make enough for leftovers and you don’t get to pick your meals.  Though, the recipes are all available for free online, so I might use it as a resource every now and again.

July 4th Weekend

I was just looking through some old blog posts and realized that half my posts start out with, “Jason and I had a rare date night.”  They don’t sound that rare when you only write about them, I suppose.  So, this weekend we did not have a date night.  But we did (or rather, I did) have a 3-day weekend.  I think the world would be a much better place if we always had 3-day weekends. Who’s going to disagree with that?

I took pretty much zero pictures of the weekend but it was a good one.  On Friday, we had lunch at Universal Joint with an old co-worker from my first job back in DC in 2000, who happens to live in Atlanta now too.  I hadn’t seen her in 13 years and we’d saying we need to get together for… 5 of them and we finally did.  After, I got new running shoes.  Instead of running in said shoes, I took a 2-hour nap.

Yesterday, we went over to our neighbors house to grill out.  I dressed Alexander all red, white and blue and didn’t take a single picture of it.  Fail.  I did take a picture of this trifle.


In addition to the trifle, which we were actually too full to eat, we had burgers (mine was turkey), potato salad and watermelon/feta salad.

Happy fourth!

[Insert cute family 4th of July picture that I forgot to take]

A Night Out

My mom visited this past weekend and watched Alexander on Saturday night so Jason and I could go out for our anniversary.  We had 6:45 reservations at Cakes & Ale, a restaurant that I’ve wanted to try forever.  By some lucky fluke, I happened to get an email the day before advertising a wine tasting at a Decatur wine store, Wahoo Wines & Provisions. It’s normally the type of email that I would have ignored, but since we had nearby dinner reservations and a babysitter…

Wahoo wines

Wine bar

We sampled five or six different wines and while I don’t remember what they were, it was fun and the store had lots of fun stuff to look at like unicorn salt.

Unicorn salt

Apparently, it’s delicious on avocado toast.

Cakes & Ale was good too, though I think I had more fun at the wine tasting. Atlanta needs more wine bars.  Or any, for that matter.

Swordfish cakes ale

Steak cakes ale

Swordfish and steak.  Can you guess which is mine?

Five Years

Five years ago yesterday, Jason and I got married.  Now our gay and lesbian friends can finally do the same.  My son will never remember a day when “Uncle” Jamie and “Uncle” Dave didn’t have the same right as us.


Jason and I are both excited that the ruling happened on our anniversary.  And also if Uncle Jamie and Uncle Dave do decide to get married, that would be a bomb-ass wedding. Just sayin’.

(And now I ruined a nice post by including the word “bomb-ass.”)

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