Atlanta 10-Miler

I got up at 5 this morning, had a cup of coffee and two waffles that tasted like cardboard (I think they were gluten-free) and left my house at 6:15 to head down to Atlantic Station for the Atlanta 10-Miler.  Atlantic Station is only about 20 minutes from my house, but the Atlanta Track Club sent out a ton of emails saying there would be traffic getting there, so I left with plenty of time.  I had ignored the emails talking about the terrible traffic situation at Town Brookhaven, where the packet pick up was, so I learned my lesson.  I also learned that at 6 am on a Sunday morning, none of the radio stations play music.  They all had weird local talk shows on.  It was a little bit Twilight Zone-ish.

Anyway, the Atlanta Track Club wasn’t wrong about the traffic.  I was at a standstill on the Downtown Connector for about 20 minutes getting off at the exit to 17th street.  Fortunately, I had plenty of time, so I wasn’t worried.  I somehow found my friend Christina relatively easily at the start of the race.  We were both in Corral D and about 7 minutes after the super speedy runners started, we were off.


I knew this race was supposed to be hilly, but I wasn’t familiar with the course so I didn’t know where the hills really were.


I lost Christina around mile 2 – there was a big hill and I slowed down a bit.  I didn’t really get into a groove until mile 3 or 4.  It probably helped that the third mile was like all downhill.  It was an interesting course – all through the Northside Drive/Collier Road/Peachtree Battle areas.  There were a lot of interesting houses to look at and there was a ton of great crowd support.  And also Sport Beans at mile 6.

Mile 7 brought the hill that I did know about – Cardiac Hill.  This is a mile stretch up Peachtree that’s part of the Peachtree Road Race.  It’s long, but it’s not that steep.  There was actually a race-within-a-race for the Cardiac Hill mile, which was sort of cool.  They had a mat at the start and a mat at the end of the hill and your Cardiac Hill time was measured in your results.  Mine was 11:19 – not terrible considering I walked some.

I actually felt pretty good after Cardiac Hill.  I’ve run this part of Peachtree a bunch of times and I knew there would be a nice downhill.  What I did not know, however, was that right after that nice downhill, we went UP the big hill that we went down in the third mile.  This actually felt like the hardest part of the course to me.  But I made it up and the last mile was relatively flat.


I’m normally pretty competitive with myself when I do races, but this time I wasn’t.  I let myself walk up all the hills.  Part of it was that I’ve never done a 10 mile race, so any time would be a PR but also part of it was that I haven’t run a longer distance race like this since maybe 2012? I know I did a 10K in 2013, but I haven’t done anything since then until now.  So the fact that I actually trained for this and was able to run 10 miles was sort of enough.

I forgot to turn of my app when I crossed the finish line, but the race results say 1:49.

Mile 1: 9:46
Mile 2: 10:11
Mile 3: 9:59
Mile 4: 11:09
Mile 5: 11:35
Mile 6: 10:34
Mile 7 (Cardiac Hill): 11:57
Mile 8: 11:34
Mile 9: 10:50
Mile 10: 10:26

Christina finished about 10 minutes before I did but again, I had no problem finding her after.  We sat around for a while before heading out.  Getting out of the Atlantic Station parking garage was not ideal.  It took me literally 45 minutes to get out of the lot.  So, yeah, that part sucked, but all in all, the race was a success.

Now what?  I feel like I need to sign up for something else so I don’t lose my level of fitness.

Oakhurt Porchfest

I went to this really cool event on Sunday afternoon – Oakhurst Porchfest. According to the website:  Porchfest is a grassroots community music festival where, one afternoon in October, front porches will become stages, yards will become venues and everyone will be reminded how much fun Oakhurst can be.

From 2-6, there were various bands playing all over Oakhurst, a neighborhood in Decatur, on various porches.  There were printed maps that you could pick up at certain restaurants that showed you who was playing where.  It was literally just bands on porches.

Porchfest band

Porchfest band1

That first porch was sort of castlesque.

Porchfest jason alex

IMG 3520

We brought a little bit of beer.  Oh and my super awesome heart shaped sunglasses.  Which I forgot that I was wearing half the time, (thanks beer.)  We stayed for about two and half hours, and saw three different bands, one of which was my co-worker’s band, which is actually how I knew about this festival in the first place.


Co-worker on the far left.  Baby trying to climb on stage at the bottom.

I guess they do these in various cities all over the country.  It was really fun and I’d recommend going.

10 Miles on the Greenway

Somehow I got myself into good enough running shape to run ten miles.  Seriously, I don’t know how it happened!  I also managed to somehow weigh more now that I can run ten miles than when I could only run three.  I don’t know how that happened either.


The Atlanta 10-miler is next Sunday.  My friend Christina, who I work with, is also running it.  She’s never done a race before and even though she’s totally capable of running ten miles, she wanted to make sure, so we went for the full ten on a training run yesterday.  I had no doubt that she could run ten miles, but I had some doubt that I could.  We decided to run on the Big Creek Greenway in Alpharetta.  Since it’s flat, I figured I’d be okay.

The Greenway was about 35 minutes from my house.  Kind of far, but worth it for a flat run, I’d say.  I drank two cups of coffee and ate a luna bar beforehand.  Then of course, I had to pee.  Christina said there was a bathroom at mile 2.3, so I figured I’d wait until then.  Spoiler alert: I waited until then.  There’s no embarrassing pee in my pants story here.

The Greenway was nice.  It was either paved or had boardwalks, which were sort of bouncy and easy to run on.  I felt like we were running sort of fast (for me) and come to find out that we were doing about a 9:30/mile for the first couple of miles. I could handle for a few miles, but not for ten, so I made Christina slow down a little bit.  Another thing that I liked about the Greenway was that there were a lot of mile markers, sometimes every tenth of a mile.  I really like knowing how much farther I have to go.

We got the the mile 5 marker and turned around.  At this point, we walked for maybe a quarter mile.  I also ate a Peanut Butter GU.  I don’t know if it helped or not, but mentally, it did. We started to run again and around mile 7.5, I started to really feel it.  7.5 is the most I’ve run this training cycle, so it makes sense.  We took a tiny little walk break at some point and then finished the run.  I was hurting by the last mile and it was a struggle.  Christina, on the other hand, looked like she could run forever!

I think we averaged around a 10:15 pace.  My app decided to poop out at mile 3 and I didn’t realize it, so I don’t know for sure, but we looked at Christina’s app after and I think it was somewhere around there.

So yeah, I can run 10 flat miles.  10 hilly miles, not so sure about.


The weather forecast called for rain all day Saturday.  I debated postponing my long run until Sunday, but I HATE running on Sundays.  It feels like it’s hanging over my head the entire weekend and if, for whatever reason, I don’t end up doing it, I don’t have a second chance.  So when I woke up on Saturday and it was just sort of cloudy, I decided to go for it.

The race that I’m doing is hilly.  So I thought it might be good to run some hills during my training.  I suck at hills, always have.  So I planned a route that I remembered from my half-marathon days as hilly.

I started out with a .25 mile walk to the end of the my street and then did the first three miles at a pretty leisurely pace.  I was feeling good.  Until I got to mile 4 and the hills.  Mile 4 and 5 were like all uphill, especially mile 5.  So I took a lot of walk breaks.  I’d basically run to a mailbox and then walk to the next until I was up the hill.  It was slow going but not completely miserable.

When I got to mile 6, I felt better because I knew that the rest of the route wasn’t as ball and the last mile was straight downhill.  I stopped at a gas station and got a Gatorade at mile 6.5 (reflected in my time, I think) and I felt much, much better after chugging it.


So, yeah, there was a lot of walking, but 7.5 miles is a post-baby, post-pregnancy PDR and I’m pretty proud of myself.  Up until I signed up for this race, I would run 2 or 3 miles a couple times a week, but it was sporadic and never really felt great.  Now I feel like I’m getting back into running longer distances and, though I may hate it at the time, I feel more like myself.


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