The New Drunk Dialing

When you’re in your mid to late twenties, drunk dialing is a thing.  And apparently, as I’ve learned this past weekend, when you’re in your mid to late thirties, drunk dialing turns into drunk singing up for half marathoning.

We had some wine last Saturday night.  Alexander was sick and our plans got cancelled and the wine went down easier than normal.  Or I’m just a lightweight now and can’t hang.  In any event, this happened.


Keep in mind that I haven’t run a half marathon in oh, 3-4 years and, perhaps more importantly, I don’t live in Savannah!  That said, it’s not as random as it sounds.  I’ve been running with a running group for the past few months (Decatur Mom’s Run This Town – join in if you’re local!) and a big group of them are driving down to Savannah (it’s about a 4 hour drive) and making a girl’s weekend out of it.

The running group breaks off into two groups – one does the Couch to 5K or intervals and the other is training for this race and basically does the long runs on Saturdays.  I figured that if the long run group, which I’m a part of, is continually upping their mileage for a half, it only made sense for me to sign up too.  And like I said, the wine made me do it.

I’m a little nervous. Not for the race.  This will actually be my 11th half-marathon.  But because I’m sort of shy when I don’t know people and I don’t really know these ladies very well.  So I’m getting all middle school-y and start thinking, “what if they don’t like me?” and stuff?  I probably should just focus on the training! I’m likeable. Enough.


It was one of THOSE days.  You know, when your weekday routine is thrown all out of whack by a sick kid. I woke up at 5 to run on the treadmill.  Let me rephrase that, I set my alarm for 5.  I woke up around 5:35 but I managed to crank out 4 miles.  I’ve been doing these intervals lately – 1 minute fast (for me, it’s 6.7mph) then 2 minutes recovery (5.7).  It makes the run go by faster and maybe I’ll get faster too? So I did that and it was fine.  Not a great run but not terrible either.

I got Alexander up and he felt warm.  And then I had one of those moments where I tried to convince myself he was fine.  Maybe he’s just warm from fleece pajamas.  Maybe he’s not sick.  But then I took his temperature and the [always gives me a different reading and always gets stuck on memory but at least I don’t have to stick it in his butt] thermometer said 102.7 and I knew we had to stay home.


We are practicing our pathetic look.

My boss let me work from home and I actually got some work done because Alexander literally slept all day.  While this was good for my productivity, it wasn’t really good for my nerves so I called the doctor.

We went in for a 4pm appointment and discovered that 1. Alexander weighed 19.2 oz.  This is actually a good thing.  When we went for his 2 year well visit about 3 weeks ago, he was only 18.10 oz.  2.  He had a ton of wax in his ears but no ear infection.  3.  He had some fluid in his lungs and a breathing treatment didn’t help.  So we left with a diagnosis of possible pneumonia and a prescription for amoxicillan.  I think maybe it sounds worse than it is.  The doctor said he could go back to daycare on Wed.

It’s 8:04 pm and my nerves are shot.


A couple times a year, Alexander’s daycare does a Parent’s Night Out.  Basically, you pay the daycare to babysit your child for a few hours.  It’s generally cheaper than a normal babysitter (of which we still do not have) and so when they started advertising that they were doing one for Valentine’s Day (well, Saturday), I signed Alexander up right away.

We decided against doing the romantic trendy restaurant thing and instead opted for The Vortex, which is a restaurant/dive bar with really good food and no kids allowed. We were pretty excited about it.  We used to go out in Little Five Points all the time and it sounded fun to go back to our old stomping ground.

Except we didn’t.  Alexander randomly came down with a fever on Friday afternoon and I had to pick him up from daycare.  They said that he could still attend on Saturday night if he felt better, but Saturday morning came and he didn’t.  It was kind of a bummer for us but we were determined to have a good day anyway.

We got a bottle of wine, some asparagus and Jason had steak and I had salmon, none of which we photographed.  After Alexander went to sleep, we sat on the couch and watched The Martian.  Everything was good and best of all, I got to wear yoga pants all night.  V-day win!

Note to Self

Do not tell 2-year old that you were secretly eating ice cream unless you want to hear “i kee, i kee” in a panic until you give him some.  Also, and perhaps more importantly, do not secretly eat ice cream in the first place.


2/12 – Big Little Lies

I’m actually doing pretty well with my 12 books in 12 months goal.  I finished my second book a few weeks ago but haven’t gotten around to writing about it.  I think I’m not really the book review type, but here goes:

Screen Shot 2016 02 07 at 8 11 29 PM

I really liked Big Little Lies. It was a bit of a murder mystery but not really.  There was a murder and you knew it from the very beginning but the actual story took place (mostly) before the murder happened.  So while you knew there was a murder and you knew the story would eventually get there, which it did, a lot of it wasn’t about the murder at all, which was interesting.  I read it all in one night.  Easy, fun book.


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