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Meals We’ve Enjoyed

Remember once upon a time when this blog was food and workout focused?  Umm, yeah, that’s what happens when you have a kid.  I’m not saying I’m not into food and workouts still, because I am, but taking pictures of everything I make?  Aint nobody got time for that.  (Using a semi-antiquated pop culture reference – something else that happens when you have a kid.)

So even though I haven’t been taking many pictures (and retouching them in Photoshop like I used to?  That’s totally out.), I’m actually pretty proud of myself for the way I’ve been cooking and eating.  Meal planning is always something I struggled with.  I don’t know why.  It’s like I’d get really overwhelmed when I was trying to figure out what we’d eat and then end up not picking out anything, buying random stuff at the grocery store and not having anything for dinner.

So what I started doing was starting off with a list like this:

Monday – Meatless
Tuesday – Leftovers
Wednesday – Chicken
Thursday – Mexican
Friday – Pizza

And then from those categories, it seems easier to pick out recipes, make a grocery list and actually have things for dinner.  Thursday changes – sometimes it’s Asian – but the others tend to remain the same.

I guess I never really addressed the chicken thing.  Basically I didn’t really have a reason for not eating it.  I just didn’t.  I realized that if I did, it would open up a lot of options for meals that Jason and I could have together.  I still mostly eat vegetarian meals, but chicken does make a weekly or bi-weekly appearance.

Here’s some stuff that we enjoyed over the past week or two:

Salmon tomatoes

This was salmon baked in foil with marinated cherry tomato salad.  I have a really hard time making salmon at home.  While this was decent, salmon never tastes quite right when I cook it.  Suggestions?

Spinach artichoke chicken

This isn’t the best picture but this Spinach and Artichoke Dip Chicken was good too.

Baked ziti

And you can’t go wrong with Baked Ziti.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been eating.  Now maybe one day I’ll write about working out again.  Maybe.

Food Lately

Despite the whole “no time” thing, somehow I’ve managed to do some cooking.  Not a lot, but some.  And I have a backlog of pictures to prove it.  And for full disclosure, I have been eating some chicken.  It’s just been easier and there wasn’t any real reason that I wasn’t eating it except that I just wasn’t.  So yeah, that.  But no photo evidence yet.

Enchilada rice

This was enchilada rice.  I used soy crumbles instead of beef and I only used half the cheese and it was absolutely delicious.

Kale fried rice

More rice.  This time kale fried rice.  It was also really good but more of a side dish than a main dish.  I could have added some protein though to fix that.

Stir fry

I honestly have no idea what this was.  Something with rice.  I sense a theme.

Quinoa lasagna

And a non-rice dish – quinoa lasagna. Jason, who claims to be an avid quinoa hater, thought this was really good.  I did too.

A Post About Frosties

I haven’t had much in the way of pregnancy cravings.  During the first trimester, I had a brief love affair with bagels and cream cheese, but that’s long gone.  There’s only one craving that still really gets me:  a Wendy’s Frosty.  I’ve only had a couple so far and always get the smallest size, but when I start thinking about them, I just need to have one.  This afternoon, I was checking Facebook and saw a picture that Lindsay posted of her kids eating a Frosty.  Suddenly my gym workout got about ten minutes shorter than normal and i found myself driving to Wendy’s.

But this might be the end.  Because I made two crucial mistakes.  One, I went inside the restaurant.  The drive-thru line was really long and I had to get back to work (I was on my lunch break) so I figured that going inside would be faster.  And it was.  But the restaurant smelled so strong.  It was like fast-food greasy smell times a thousand.  It was gross.  But my second mistake was even worse.  I decided to try the vanilla flavor instead of the traditional chocolate.  Now, I’m normally a much bigger fan of vanilla than chocolate stuff, but not this vanilla.  Bleh.  Chocolate all the way.

Maybe it’s a good thing that today’s Frosty experience was closer to gross than great because I felt much more inspired to come home and make something healthy.  So I made Tex-Mex Spaghetti Squash with Black Bean Guacamole.

Tex mex spaghetti squash

It was good and totally cancels out the Frosty, right?

Feeling Fallish

Despite having a pretty mild summer, the warm weather has stuck around for a while and it only really started to feel like fall this weekend.

Fall leaves

We wen to the Chomp and Stomp Chili Festival on Saturday with our friends Heather and JP.   We’ve gone the past couple of years but for some reason, it seemed like it was much more crowded this year.  Maybe it was the nice weather.

Chomp stomp

(Photo from Heather)

I was kind of bummed that they didn’t seem to have much vegetarian chili and past years they did.  I think I only tasted 4 samples the entire day, one of which was marketed as “dessert chili” but I’m almost 100% sure it was oatmeal!  That said, it was still a fun day with our friends and the weather was perfect for it.  Very quintessential fall day.

Today was a typical Sunday.  Gym, errands, grocery store.  Oh and barbecue tofu.

Bbq tofu

I’m not much of a barbecue person (I don’t really like barbecue sauce, barbecue chips, that sort of thing), but Jason is a big fan.  But there is a restaurant in Decatur (of course it’s in Decatur because everything I like is there), Burnt Fork, that has something that appeals to me – barbecue tofu!  The tofu was chewy and not too barbecue-y.  I had a side of kale with some sort of nuts on top.

I was still feeling fallish tonight and wanted to make soup.  Potato Leek fit the bill.  Not the prettiest picture, despite me trying to add some “props” in the background, but good nonetheless.

Potato leek soup

And having nothing to do with fall aside from me wearing a long sleeved shirt, here’s my lame attempt to take a bump picture without a mirror.  Yeah, didn’t really work out.

Bump fail

If I wear a tighter shirt, you can kind of tell.

What’s Cooking

After several weekends of poorly planned grocery shopping that led to dinners of cereal and frozen ravioli, I sat down and made a good grocery store list on Sunday.  I was ready to cook!

I ended up making these Stacked Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas.

Stacked enchilada casserole

I tried to make mine a tad lighter by roasting the veggies with two tablespoons of oil instead of three and using one cup of cheese instead of two.  I also used flour tortillas (three large ones) instead of corn and a baked potato instead of a sweet potato.  This meal was not something I’d make on a weeknight.  It wasn’t hard, but it had a long cooking time because the veggies needed to be roasted first.  That said, it was pretty tasty and gone in about a day.

We also had these bananas sitting on the countertop.  I’m sure you know where I’m going with this.

Bad bananas

I mean, throw them away or make banana bread?  Tough choice, right?  I found this recipe for Skinny Chocolate-Caramel Banana Bread. It featured an interesting ingredient.

Skinny cow clusters

I know Skinny Cow is all processed and all, but I like their desserts, what can I say.  I’d never had these clusters before, so of course, I had to try them.  It helped that the box had six individual packs and the recipe only called for five.  Wonder where that other pack went?  If you guessed my mouth, you’re right.  They were really tasty.

When I was getting the bread ready, I realized I didn’t have applesauce, so I just used an extra banana.  Seemed to do the trick.  I also used half whole wheat flour and half white flour.

Banana bread

This was really good, but I have to say that baking the caramel clusters made them taste just like regular chocolate chips.  They lost their caramel crunchiness.

Those two recipes were good, but my favorite thing ended up being something super simple – Hearts of Palm and Avocado Salad. This was so good.  I added some feta to give it more protein which was a wise choice.  Maybe I do know something about cooking.

Hearts of palm avocado salad

Not the best picture, but so good and so easy.  It helps if you love avocados.  And cilantro.  If you have that soap cilantro gene, I don’t know what to tell you.  You’re missing out.  I wanted to eat the entire batch, but I refrained… and ate the rest of the banana bread instead.  Umm, oops?

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