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Oh Pollen

I don’t have a lot of allergies, but for about three weeks in April, when the hickory trees are in bloom, I feel like hell on a regular basis and it sucks.  I don’t normally take much medicine, but I’ve been taking a Claritin every single day.  And it’s not working.  The only thing that works is rain.

Fortunately, it rained periodically throughout the day and the pollen count has dropped significantly.  I still decided to keep my run inside tonight.  For one, it still looked stormy out, but mostly because I wanted to have a decent run and prove to myself that this weekend’s 5K would be fine.  That would not happen if I was sneezing the entire time.

I did 3 miles on the treadmill in about 30:30 which included a warm-up of walking for three minutes.  I mostly ran at a ten minute mile, but threw in a few faster intervals at 9:13 here and there.  It wasn’t the easiest run, but I felt confident that while I probably not PR in this race, I can still run it in a decent enough time so that made me feel good.

Sweaty runner

After getting home, I threw together an easy dinner of Crispy Blackened Tofu and Brussels Sprouts.  Simple, but easy.  It was either this or frozen pizza and after eating a big bowl of Menchie’s last night, I thought this was the healthier option.


Tofu brussels sprouts

I don’t feel well again.  It’s like the rain washed away the pollen…into my head.  I feel incredibly stuffed up, but in my sinuses not in my nose.  I’ll be happy when all these trees have fully bloomed.  April has gone by incredibly fast, but I want May to get here so I can feel better.

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